How widespread is the parasite infection in CS12? This will also determine what kind of mission Voifta is on. (Poll Closed)

  • The parasites are endemic, almost all of the permanent residence of CS12 are already infected and soon the hive mind will begin infecting those passing through in an attempt to spread out through the universe. Our heroine knows something is up with the station and that is why she is there undercover, but she doesn’t know specifically that the parasites are responsible.

  • A handful of beings, under ten, are already infected. But they are all people of importance in CS12, heads of security and prominent administrators and such. Our doomed heroine will be working on an unrelated mission while the infection begins to spread.

  • A handful of beings, under ten, are already infected. They are part of a small close nit band that is culturally marginalized, perhaps migrant workers or refugees that are ignored by most in CS12. Our doomed heroine will be searching for this hidden cell, already knowing about the parasites.

  • It has just begun. Only one person is infected and the story should transition between Voifta and this being. The infection will slowly be spreading while our doomed heroine works on an unrelated mission.


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