Do you think more teachers should have class pets?

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  • Brianna B. - 5 years ago

    It should not only be Mrs. Sale! Other teachers should have class pets too. Students could sign up to care for the pets. It could be a distraction and could relieve stress of some students, but could distract others in a bad way. Either way, I think that there should be more class pets at Stacey Middle School.

  • xr9boy - 5 years ago

    And when students are done then they should play with the pet or even better While there doing there work, they just need to modivate themselfs not to get too distracted.

  • xr9boy - 5 years ago

    Having an animal in the class has improved brain compasity so I would say there is nothing wrong with having a class pet because everyone can take cair of the pet. Its not animal Abuse, Animal Abuse is about hurting animals and throwing them in the streets. There should be Classroom Pets.

  • person - 5 years ago

    Hmmmmm... You make a good point averi

  • averi - 5 years ago

    No, teachers shouldn't have class pets in their classrooms. Taking care of the pets is a big responsibility so who would care for the animals. The teacher or the students? The teachers are often busy grading assignments and planning their lessons. Students are busy with their ton of homework and want to socialize with their friends. The point is that caring for the "class pet" would be a big responsibility. Also is animal abuse too.

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