Based on this text, should a divorced person without an annulment feel free to date?


  • Theresa Strenge - 7 years ago

    Previous commenters brought up excellent points. What perplexes and saddens me is that there seems to be so much conversation about annulment, etc. and precious little about saving marriages. So few people know about Alexander House and the indispensable work that they do to assist others to save their marriage as theirs was saved.

  • john farrell - 7 years ago

    Jennifer, The CCC says "marriage demands TOTAL fidelity from the spouses - The Christian community is called to help these persons live out their situation in a Christian manner and in fidelity to their marriage bond."
    I think a better (more honest) question would be "do you think the described scenario reflects the standard expected in the CCC? How could anyone answer yes? Rose Sweet kept company with a married man over a year's period with designs on marriage while having concupiscent visions. Can any fair minded person say that Bob exhibited total fidelity to his wife and Rose helped him live that fidelity? I wonder how Bob's wife n kids feel about Rose Sweet?

  • Patricia - 7 years ago

    Dating in this situation puts one in the near occasion of sin. What if the annulment is not approved? Do they just part ways? How hard THAT would be with all the physical attraction. One who has not had their marriage annulled is still married and should not be dating.

  • Sharon - 7 years ago

    Is she talking about dating or sex? Does she already consider herself dating, just not having sex? The focus seems to change from one topic to the other.

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