What does the drug Jaei-17 do? (Poll Closed)

  • Allows the user to have enhanced orgasms, but too many over a short enough period of time will leave the user in a semi-brain dead state where they have none of their own agency and simply follow any order given to them.

  • Makes the user smarter while on the drug, but after prolonged use also makes the user permanently more open to suggestibility and outright command.

  • Makes the user so high and happy that they will gladly follow any order given while under the drugs affects but the user thinks they are following the orders by choice.

  • Gives a long euphoric high, but prolonged use or high dosages can leave users temporarily brain dead, awake but unable to do more than drool and follow simple orders.

  • Gives an intense, euphoric high but prolonged use by females makes them grow cocks. This will turn part of the story into a Futa fest.


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