If an opportunity “goes dark,” when do you find this is most likely to occur?

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  • Paul - 2 years ago

    I think the notion- ever - that there is only one way to be successful is always wrong. Besides segment size, product value, etc, every vertical is different, every sales person is different, every buyer(s) is different. What made you win in one large account can't immediately be replicated in another, even in the same vertical, because circumstances and context will always be different.

    So if we use ideas from different sources to help think more deeply about what is working in certain circumstances, fine. But if we use that source as the ONLY way to do something we will always be wrong. So your points are valid.

    Just surprising how many companies will blindly follow along.

    In the case of Aaron Ross, he left Salesforce while it was starting an upward trajectory and who knows who really 'created' the strategy. But point is, as Salesforce grows, that strategy will be stressed. That is why anyone who is a prospective Salesforce customer today will receive a barrage of emails, voice mails and phone calls from many different people as they continue to change over their staff. You will get calls from an SDR as well as an account rep and it all seems very messy. Like they didn't have access to marketing automation and a CRM system. Kind of ironic.

    If anything, the cautionary tale is that everyone needs to think more deeply about their business model and not to think the easy answer is to simply follow another model blindly.

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