Who should her female friends be? Top two will be chosen. (Poll Closed)

  • A girl who, when her powers activated, split into four identical copies of herself. They share a hive mind and are so far uncertain what other powers they have.

  • An annoyingly cutesy white blond girl into dressing like a little girl, with a tiny, small frame and plump but smaller breasts. Has MASSIVE super strength and can project telekinetic blasts.

  • Black girl with large heavy tits and thick dreadlocks. Has the ability to enter a state of pure rage where she is stronger and faster but driven by pure animal instincts.

  • Half Asian girl with dark black and purple hair and purple eyes. Has black fuzzy cat ears and a fuzzy cat tail along with enhanced agility and speed.

  • A tall busty blond with the power to duplicate herself.

  • A painfully cute, dark skinned Hispanic girl heavily into hipster culture before her powers activated. Now has plant control powers and green hair.

  • A small girl with a thin build, short dark hair, and mild gravity control powers. Was a lesbian before her powers activated, now confused by how much men interest her.

  • A sassy blond with ice powers.

  • A girl that’s pretty, but in a very plain way. Small chest, telekinetic powers.

  • A girl whose facial features make her look way younger than she is, cute and innocent. But since her powers have activated she’s gone from being nearly flat chested to having G cups and is now obsessed with mammary intercourse and her breasts in general.

  • A blue skinned girl with pheromones that can affect people’s moods.

  • A purple haired girl with combat oriented telepathic blasts.

  • A shy girl with overlarge breasts that lactate. She also has a tail and cow like ears.

  • A prissy white blond REALLY into black guys.


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