Should Natimuk Lake be closed to duck hunters?

  • Keryn - 5 years ago

    Sorry Steve,
    Should have read your comment before I posted. You concerns over the lake's water level only further supports my suggestions. Look into options that don't involve water. If Natimuk is as nice as you say, promote this. Let people know what it is about the area you love. If the water is unreliable, don't rely on it. You can't control the climate, you have to work with what you have. Surely Natimuk has other attractive features.

  • Keryn - 5 years ago

    Would make more sense to have multiple festivals per year (music, cars, arts, food, local produce... anything really), which would bring in more than one windfall per year. Personally, if they are asking people to turn a blind eye to the torture of these poor birds and other animals (you don't really believe the MINORITY of drunken gun nuts will adhere to the rules do you?) then I'm not really interested in the pity they're asking for. Put more thought into this. Rent out your accommodation multiple times per year. Dump the duck shooters and look into other options. It will improve your economy and your morals.

  • Jon Weaving - 5 years ago

    It's 2017 for God's sake and yet we're still debating whether or not it's OK for muppets with guns to kill, maim and torture our wildlife. IT'S NOT. Grow the hell up, Australia.

  • steve garwood - 5 years ago

    Next season they will be complaining to many ducks. If there is any water of course.
    Its about time we started looking after local businesses before there all gone.
    places like Natimuk are ideal for people to come to. If the lake had water all the time
    you would have campers there all year round spending money .

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