What feature would you most like to see come to the next-gen Apple TV?

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  • DRYAN - 2 years ago


  • Ron Griffis - 3 years ago

    Ability to act as a bridge for Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework devices. Since S2 devices have encryption as effective as HomeKit, a connection can be made without compromising security, yet open hundreds of products to HomeKit "compatibility".

  • Andreas - 3 years ago

    Optical Out is a must have!!!

  • Jeff M. - 3 years ago

    I've already replaced the AppleTV and built a 4K ecosystem to replace it. The only thing I could see tempting me back would be an improved AirPlay casting and streaming option. I know 4k would be impossible but a higher framerate 1080p would with less lag would be awesome. Our office could probably then switch back to using ATV.

  • Andre - 3 years ago

    Gigabit Ethernet in addition to 4K

  • wim - 3 years ago

    a better remote, with a full alphabet and numbers

  • David - 3 years ago

    Amazon Prime addition. They would take the market.

  • Scott - 3 years ago

    Add a camera and mic and lets have FaceTime on it.

  • Steve Baylis - 3 years ago

    Support for airplay to multiple airplay speakers like you can from iTunes.

  • Nick Smith - 3 years ago

    Digital optical out

  • Rahul Govani - 3 years ago

    I want it to be the universal hub for smart home. It should work as a philips hue hub, levetron switch hub and any other hubs to come in the future

  • Andreas Prang - 3 years ago

    SP-DIV (optical out) needs to return!!!

  • Christian - 3 years ago

    An SP-DIF or USB audio output for external DAC. I need only stereo speakers.

  • C. Legere - 3 years ago

    Be able to pass through more audio formats, Dolby True HD and DTS-Master tracks. Plex can stream it...only Nvidia Sheild and pass it currently. Secondly, Amazon Prime would be nice

  • c.w. - 3 years ago

    Amazon prime video. went with roku instead of apple tv years ago for this reason

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    I would like a couple of Thunderbolt 3 ports. One for 4K TVs, the second for additional storage, FaceTime camera, etc. I want to see FaceTime and a real gesture enabled iPad remote app, not a SiRi remote at a ridiculously large size.

  • Bri Bri - 3 years ago

    Redesigned Siri remote where you can easily tell which way is up by feel alone

  • eightzero - 3 years ago

    2x OTA tuners and a coaxial socket to connect and OTA antenna.

  • Vincent Colangelo - 3 years ago

    Support for the new W-1 chip devices, more Single Sign On providers like U-Verse and DirecTV Now and, of course make a deal with Amazon for an Amazon Prime App - US User

  • Ryan - 3 years ago

    Component hub and amplifier for wired speakers.

  • Bruce Laubon - 3 years ago

    I'd like to see Apple add a usb port that you coild hook up an external hard drive to where you could store movies, music, etc.... and have ready access to.

  • Javier - 3 years ago

    Would be nice to have a Desktop mode to use it like a PC. Using MS Office and remote destop. Supporting mouse and keyboard.

    I think I'm not dreaming to much.

  • Joseph - 3 years ago

    All of the above!

  • Philipp - 3 years ago

    Siri in my country

  • Steve S - 3 years ago

    I would like to see support for advanced surround sound codecs such as Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, and possible DTS X.

  • Uncle Drew - 3 years ago

    The ability to remote play/steam PS4/Xbox One. These features are already on Windows 10 and Mac.

  • jimmy - 3 years ago

    maybe first completing the device first before recreating a new one?

    siri support in dutch would be great

    flac support would be cool as well

  • Alonsox - 3 years ago

    Large video format support, mkv, vod, avi...
    Also loosless audio support flac, dts-master hd, dolby true hd, dolby atmos...

  • Ben - 3 years ago

    Local storage on external drives.

  • Julio - 3 years ago

    Please, FaceTime on Apple TV
    With a Camera directly on apple tv or option to use bluetooth camera above TV screen

  • Chibster83 - 3 years ago

    Better Remote. The current one is pretty bad.

  • Marcus - 3 years ago

    Giant storage NAS with Time machine, iCloud and cloning of local iTunes.

  • flummi - 3 years ago

    - motion controller (kinect) for better interface navigation
    - multiuser with "touch id" on remote

  • Tom - 3 years ago

    Make it usable outside the United States. We still don't have Siri support for other languages than English, crippling a major Apple TV Feature

  • Nic - 3 years ago

    Improvements to the "computers" (forbrowsing iTunes libraries). It's aweful.

    And playing locally along with airplay - or multiple airplay targets.

  • Roland S. - 3 years ago

    Siri available in my Country (Austria)

  • Rafael - 3 years ago

    Jony Ive Designed gaming remote with W1 Bluetooth chip and a real Mario game from Nintendo.

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    A better remote.
    My main reason of keeping my DVR. Is because I love the one button to skip forward or backwards. Not this swip and tap for 10second skip. Or swipe and hold for forward/reverse.

    Better buffer for videos.
    This coincides with the DVR. When I skip forward/backward, it needs to be instantaneous. With 12MBps up and 220MBps down, there should be no buffering.

    For those who have a 3rd party remote. The fancy remotes.
    The directional pad and OK button shall work as such THROUGHOUT the entire software. Not just here and there with certain apps. The OK button is not always the OK or Play/Pause as it was on 3rd gen or older.

  • Craig - 3 years ago

    1. Dolby Vision HDR
    2. Audio raw/native bitstream output - for Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
    3. Automatic frame rate switching to match the source framerate playing (ie ususally 23.98p/50p/59.94p)

  • Alex Baca - 3 years ago

    Able to use hey Siri on my phone to turn on my apple TV. If it's connected to the same wifi network.

  • FLJ - 3 years ago

    Able to handle facetime with external camera/mike so that a large TV could be used for conference calling

  • conehead - 3 years ago

    amazon prime streaming app, lol

  • Audiophile - 3 years ago

    Optical output (again) and a better DAC for hi-res audio

  • Matt - 3 years ago

    I have a few Apple TV's in our house so I'd love to see them have a backup/restore feature or a sync feature to help keep them setup the same way.

  • K. Ford - 3 years ago

    Ability to act as a dvr. Even if you need to use your own external drive.

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