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  • Carlos - 3 years ago

    I like it a lot. But I think the Originals come from a very powerful family of witches. I think aunt Dalia should come back to help to destroy Marcel.

  • Selena Kleinen - 3 years ago

    Loved the show last night. Was as great as I suspected. Can't wait for Klaus to meet Hope for the first time after these 5 years apart.????????????????????

  • Kenneth goodrich - 3 years ago

    I did really enjoy watching this episode, and yes I only rated it as ok, but what I was really hoping for was Klaus getting free and ripping Marvels head off and ripping out his heart, that's if he still has one? At first I really did like Marcel and showed some great compassion for him because of what he as endured over the years, by him always taking a back seat. So to speak, but this past season and now this new season, my feelings for him have greatly changed! His character has really taken it to another level and he has really become a real ass hole and I don't really care for him anymore! When I watch the way he walks around so proud and arrogant it makes me want to jump into the tv and rip his arrowgate ads apart? Bring me into that show and I'll show you how it's done for sure? Let me be the one to walk up to Mr. Marcel Gerard and rip his FUCKING head off his shoulders and then spot down his neck please! I hope he gets his very soon, and show him that he is not as bad ads as he seems to think he is, especially if decides to go after my girl Hayley or my newest one Hope? Hayley was amazing in this past episode! You go Bitch" show those other Butches you mean business? Love you girl! Get that anger out girl, but save some for Mr. Marcel? Show that ass hole you are not going to take no Shit from him nor anyone else? You got my support, for sure, and Oh" let's not forget that punk ads Vincent" another ass hole who thinks he's all That? Year them down, year them down! That's all for now, thank you!

  • Michelle - 3 years ago

    Hey I thought the episode covered all bases and allowed even new original fans to come i.AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE RED HAIR AND THOSE CLEAR BABY BLUES - WELL DONE!!

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