Will the Brewers be better on the mound, in the field or at the plate this season?

  • M P - 5 years ago

    I agree that their starting pitching doesn't seem to be anywhere near adequate enough to contend, although sometimes we can be surprised. The hitting seems be full of potential on the other hand. Where I would take exception to your thoughts was the idea that Attanasio won't pay for good starting pitching. I think he will and we only have to look back 7-8 years to see proof of that. I do think, however, that he wants to wait until he thinks the Brewers have a genuine chance to be contenders. Then, I believe, he would be willing to acquire quality starting pitching. I could be wrong on this of course, but I hope I'm not. As I said, if you've been following the Brewers for awhile, he was more than willing to pay for pitching if he thought it could put them over the top.

  • M Vandervest - 5 years ago

    until they get some quality starting pitching they will not be able to compete for a pennant. maybe their loaded farm system will be able to bring them a pitcher or two. it has to be their own prospects because it seems to be abundantly clear they are not going to pay proven quality starters. if they don't get any they are doomed to toil in mediocrity forever. I guess as fans we are getting used to it. as I type this im kind of sad. ill still always be a fan. love mr. baseball. go crew!

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