Do you think Helen Zille should be suspended by the DA for praising aspects of the legacy of colonialism?

Posted 2 years.


  • Patricia Eeles - 1 year ago

    She was telling the absolute truth and why must she be punishied for it. Would it be better if we all lied to please those that cannot stomach the truth, cause it seem if you lie, then doors open.
    As premier she has a right to be honest and truthful to her people and we respect her for that.

  • MDM - 2 years ago

    I have voted that Helen Zille should not be suspended by the DA for praising aspects of the legacy of colonialism because that is really what she believes in and has been practictising all along despite all indicators pointing to the fact that those so called legacies benefitted and were only enjoyed by the minority white apartheid system.

    Her comparison of Singapore and South is meaningless in the face of inquality, poverty and unempolyment that South Africa faces today despites her praises of coloniasm!!!

  • SCF - 2 years ago

    From what I read her comment was very valid and true. She emphasised colonialism is not all bad. It has some merits and it did contribute to the healthy and safe infrastructure of our country. She was speaking in the context of Singapore being so successful in spite of it having been a Br colony! Likewise HK! SA has never been a colony per se so I don't know why some people get upset!

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