'Once Upon a Time' on ABC: KEEP or CUT?

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  • Isis - 2 years ago

    This show should continue.... I have been watching it since i was 8 years old and now I am 12 it can't end people who may not watch don't know how the drama gets so real and when I watched the first episode I was touched..Henry came all the way to Boston to tell Emma that she was his birth mother and she made a wish not to be alone and at the end of the show we found out Henry has a daughter so it is the same story with him and Emma now with Henry and his daughter we want to she the adventures they will go on including the tragedys and we want to see them grow up. And don't forget about captain swan will their adventures continue... please please please let once upon a time continue this show is my life I depend on you to continue this show???????????????????????????????????????? Thank you all so much ????????????.

  • Cherbear - 2 years ago

    My daughter and I love this show PLEASE bring it back. It's positive and we love all the stories! I am sure the creative writers can come up with more story lines!

  • Vivien - 2 years ago

    I also think that you should introduce a story for Emma, make her an actual character that we know of in some story. I always hoped that's what it was leading towards. I thought snow and charmings daughter was actually going to be the Swan Princess lol.

  • Vivien - 2 years ago

    Please keep this show! It's different and so enjoyable! Please DONT get rid of all the old cast ( as some have suggested ) that would be TV series suicide! Those characters are why the programme is loved! Without them it would be a spin off which probably wouldn't get as many fans! Maybe cut some , but keep a good few please! Fresh stories, delve into some more Disney's for us! But please don't go!

  • SHARISSA BUNN - 3 years ago

    I love this show Once Upon A Time

  • Portia Pollock - 3 years ago

    I think it'd be fantastic if you'd keep the show but make it a completely new story of fairytale characters and a new savior or whatever. Take out the entire old cast and make a completely new beginning. This one ended great and we shouldn't keep it going but I love the show and want to see something we haven't seen before. Plus, I'm a little sick of the curses, true loves kiss and all that. I want something fresh!

  • Jacquelyn Popp - 3 years ago

    Please keep once upon a time. I really enjoy the show, and look forward to watching it every week. There are so many characters you could add , and so many ways to go with the story. i hope that you keep hook and Emma, even with guest appearances, and Snow, and Charming. I think it's great if you would keep them all around, and Regina, the evil queen, who is not so evil, especially.

  • Rae James - 3 years ago

    Please keep OUAT!!!!!!! I was a abused child fairy tales were my only belief I would survive! I never would have survived the death of my oldest sister who stole me from my parents many years ago. OUAT can on the fall my sister died. So please please figure out a way to keep it on!!!

  • V - 3 years ago

    I like the show. This season of Once Upon a Time kind of gave the impression that the end is coming ... I rather see the show end on a high note. I really wouldn't want to see the show dragged out like the dead- if the storyline starts lacking in substance then it should end before that fate happens. Another show I loved, Downton Abbey; they finished off on a high note. They tied up all lose ends and the show ended beautifully. Still sad to see that show end. But, was happy with that ending.

  • Debra Allen - 3 years ago

    I love the show. I look forward to watching it each week. Please keep it. I also love Hook and Emma! Please keep them as well!!

  • Hannah - 3 years ago

    Keep! For all the fans who have stayed with this show we need a season to bring characters we haven't seen yet and to tie up all the stories we have enjoyed so dearly! Regina has to have her happy ending! We have to see what Henry's future looks like! Maybe hook and Emma could bore another savior! I still haven't seen Pocahontas! What will come of Neil? Are belle and rumple gonna work everything out and live happily ever after? It is time for the series to end but we have to get a season of closure! And not just 10 like some series do the whole 20 to 23! Really close it out with a bang! Fill our hearts and give us the happily ever after for all the characters in this twisted fairytale! The fans who have stuck around for this long deserve it!!!

  • Kelly - 3 years ago

    I watch this show religiously on Netflix! I've got so many people into it! You can't get rid of the show! It's amazing for us adults who adore Disney! You have so many characters you can spin new seasons off Henry Neal maybe Emma and hook can have a baby together. Bring characters back. I'd love to see Jamie Doran back. But pllleeaaasseee don't get rid of my favourite show

  • Thereze Collins - 3 years ago

    It can't end, best current family show there is...
    Please Keep

  • ANGELLA BUNDY - 3 years ago

    PLEASE KEEP. We want it see Emma & Hook together, there is plenty more to be developed here! & whatever happened to baby Neal?

  • Janie - 3 years ago

    Keep,,don't kill off snow and charming. Have them go back to their kingdom with guest appearances.Regina needs happy ending..zelena coming to the good side,,newlywed life for Emma and hook would be a hoot

  • Peter dooley - 3 years ago

    It needs to stay there's so much they can do with it like they could bring Pocahontas ,Tarzan , princess and the frog , the hunch back of Norte dam and the black cualdran and a lot more honest there's so much potential there's unreal how much there actually is

  • Heleen - 3 years ago

    Pleace keep Once Upon a time. It's a great serie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly - 3 years ago

    I have loved OUAT from the beginning. If it has to end please have a season 7 to give all oncers closure the series deserves.

  • Andrea - 3 years ago

    PLEASE KEEP Once Upon a Time! It is the best show ever. The storyline is completely out of this world and it never lets you down. I seriously cannot imagine my life without Once Upon a Time.
    However, if in the end it is decided to cut it out I would strongly suggest to at least have a season 7 in order to give the show a proper ending and all the fans a proper closure.

  • Emily Garcia - 3 years ago

    Keep this show for ever Once Upon A Time should stay on for ever this is the best show ever. This is the only series I watch.

  • Emily Garcia - 3 years ago

    Keep this show for ever Once Upon A Time should stay on for ever this is the best show ever. This is the only series I watch. ????l

  • Emily Garcia - 3 years ago

    Keep this show for ever Once Upon A Time should stay on for ever this is the best show ever. This is the only series I watch. ????????

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Keep show until 10 season or 8 season. More Disney come and more fairy tale come, please keep story forever and what about Narnia come to storybrooke.

  • Débora - 3 years ago

    I think the serie should end but not just cut out of nowhere. Make season 7 the last one but do it with a great ending!!!

  • Ifi - 3 years ago

    Keep! It's actually the only series I am watching right now! I haven't loved a series that much since friends and that says a lot! And by the way, the hook-swan relationship has grown to be the best I have ever seen. I would truly be devastated if they cut this show.

  • Jessica L - 3 years ago

    PLEASE KEEP!!! This is one of the few shows that, no matter what Disney movie or cartoon comes out,it stays true to character and always stays current and if the rebuff is needed,you can spin it many different ways because they're are many,many different options, all of which will be great to see! And i know I'd like to finally see Regina and her sister FINALLY get the happy ending that they deserve AND I'd like to see what happens with Henry. ..... These are only a few of the many,many reasons to keep!!!!

  • Save OUAT! - 3 years ago

    PLEASE KEEP OUAT!!!! This is the best show EVER! I agree with #CaptainSwan Forever, ABC would be totally foolish to cut it! The characters are amazing and so are the story plots!!!

  • #CaptainSwan Forever! - 3 years ago

    KEEP OUAT!!! I cant live without it, no joke. If you cut this show I will hate ABC forever. This is the only thing I truly look forward to watching. Its the best show out there. ABC would be foolish to cut it. I love the relationship of captainswan too! They are the cutest couple on tv! I also really want Regina to have her happy ending. She has worked so hard for it. I cant imagine my life without OUAT! Once again, please keep this show. You can cut any other show on ABC, just not this one.

  • Kait - 3 years ago

    Best show nowadays, BY FAR! Been loving out forever and three writing in phenomonal. Must keep!!!!!!!!

  • Cora - 3 years ago

    Keep it!!!!!! I love this show ???? & I want to see Regina get her happy ending! Snow & David can make some guest appearances, but it's time for them to move on.

  • Tef - 3 years ago

    Keep "/Once Upon a Time/" for season 7. It would be a great ending for the for the original cast. Beyond that, I agree that it would need retooling to survive for another season. Retooled or not, this is a great family show. It has something for everyone without resorting to profane language or sexual situations and not over the top ridiculous that it makes one tune out. The stories all have a familiarity that spans generations of childhood stories. If ABC wants to keep my family's viewership, there will be a family friendly show that interests every family member's curiosity.

  • Tef - 3 years ago

    Keep "/Once Upon a Time/" for season 7. It would be a great ending for the for the original cast. Beyond that, I agree that it would need retooling to survive for another season. Retooled or not, this is a great family show. It has something for everyone without resorting to profane language or sexual situations and not over the top ridiculous that it makes one tune out. The stories all have a familiarity that spans generations of childhood stories. If ABC wants to keep my family's viewership, there will be a family friendly show that interests every family member's curiosity.

  • Charity - 3 years ago

    Please keep this show!!! It is my all time favorite show. I have watched it through so many times and dearly love it and all the characters with all of my heart. I would be so heartbroken and sad if this show was cut. I cannot imagine not having ouat in my life!!!!

  • Jen - 3 years ago

    Please keep the show!!! Once Upon a time is my favorite show. I watch it every Sunday and make sure my DVR is set for the Sunday nights that I work. There is still so much they can do with the show. Tons of Disney characters haven't even made an appearance yet so I'm sure something can be done to keep the story line going. I have been a Disney fan my entire life so Once Upon a Time is adult Disney that I can enjoy every week. I would be so disappointed if this show came to an end. I believe that Once Upon a Time is one of the best shows on TV and it would be terrible to end it after only 6-7 seasons especially when there have been other tv shows that have had more seasons but haven't been quite as good. Please keep Once Upon a Time. I'm sure that I wouldn't be the only one devistated by the loss of this show.

  • Issy - 3 years ago

    If I told all my feelings about Once, this would never end. Once Upon a Time is my favorite show in the world. I have fallen in love with all the characters, and I have a great ouat fan account on Instagram. I really wanted to get tickets for the convention in June but we don't have the money. When Once ends, eventually and hopefully NOT soon, I will cry a lot, but I'll be thankful for what it gave me. I never want it to end. Thank you to everyone who helped I t he production of this show! We want a season 7!!!!!!!

  • maureen - 3 years ago

    This is the only show I can watch with my daughter. It is our favorite. The fairy tale characters are what it's about and there is still tons that can be done. Keep

  • Jacks - 3 years ago

    There is SO MUCH ugly stuff on TV - good drama - but ugly - that the issues these folks go through but in a fantasy way.....is good and helpful. The team has done a good job with storytelling - they need to figure out how to keep this going - we need the moral compass they provide.

  • NarNar - 3 years ago

    KEEP!!!!! Please!!!! I'm sincerely in love with this show!! I'm grateful for all these spectacular actors and actresses, ESPECIALLY LANA!!!❤️ And I'm also grateful for Adam and Eddie, the ones that are keeping this show on a smoking role!!! My #1 FAV SHOW RIGHT NOW!! Please please please keep!!!

  • Bella - 3 years ago

    This is legit my favorite show. Please keep. I don't know what I would do without it. Ouat is what keeps me sane, keeps me on my toes, and busy when I'm alone (which is most of the time). Ouat means so much to me and I really need y'all to keep it. Wether you renew it or just continue, that's great for me. PLEASE KEEP. I'm only on season 5 but I still need it. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep ouat. I'm a die hard once fan. CaptainSwan is my life. PLEASE KEEP!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Polly - 3 years ago

    PLEASE KEEP OUAT!! It is my favourite show ever ! I love the capitan swan relationship ❤

  • Rae Rae Stern - 3 years ago

    Please keep Once Upon A Time. Captain Swan, snow and charming rock. Get rid of Gideon. This show is my favorite! There is still so much that can be done. If writers need help they should ask the fans

  • Tam - 3 years ago

    Please keep once upon a time. Love that show and cancel greys anatomy instead. That show has run its course. Move on!

  • Patti - 3 years ago

    Please keep the show! My daughter and watch every episode. It is our time to spend together as she works 2jobs but we always schedule this show into our lives.

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Please keep this awesome show!!!!!my family and I watch it every time it comes on and if we miss it we always try and watch it online!!!we love it!!!!the show has amazing characters (#hook

  • Gillian - 3 years ago

    Please keep this show! I have been watching it ever since I was in middle school and I always thought it was so creative. The costumes alone are a good reason to watch it, but I also love the characters and the show has always managed to keep me interested. Seasons 4 and 5 weren't great but this one, especially the second half, is really good. I would love to see the current storylines continue into a season 7.

  • Elena - 3 years ago

    Please don't cut this is my favorite show and the characters are great if you cut this show I'm going to be really mad

  • Riley - 3 years ago

    Please please please keep once upon a time!!!! I am an avid oncer and once upon a time is super important to me. If one of the main reasons to cut it is because of how many people watch it, I know many people- including myself- that don't have cable and wait for the season to come out on netflix. We are oncers too!!!

  • Leslie Gemignani - 3 years ago

    Keep. But use the new stories to the fullest. They have dropped the ball on so many wonderful side stories. I would have loved to see Blue's past. I'd love to see more of granines life.
    Snow and Charming should/could move on. As for Emma and Hook, let them have their happy ending. I'd say keep Regina and Gold as well as the new story lines.
    It definitely needs boost. But I do love this show.

  • Miriam - 3 years ago


  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Please keep OUAT for one more season at least. I have been an avid Oncer since the beginning, and I guarantee this show has saved my life. I was at a very low point before Once Upon A Time, and discovering this world where an everyday person can become a hero has given me hope and something to look forward for years now. I especially resonate with Emma Swan, as I've often felt like a lost girl who didn't matter for a long time before coming across OUAT, but I learned to cherish the family and friends I had that actually care about me. I've learned that no matter what you've done, you can come back from it, if you just hold onto hope and forgiveness. Regina, Captain Hook, and even Rumplestiltkin have proven this, as they were all villains who were able to overcome their past and find happiness in their family and loved ones. I am disheartened to hear about the possible loss of cast members, as I have loved each and every person who was fortunate enough to be on the show, but I will 100% continue to watch, should ABC make the decision to give OUAT another season.

    Please do not cut the show because of the ratings! Three million may not seem like much in numbers, but that is three million people still watching this show who are dedicated to these characters! There is still so much to be finished, especially Regina's happy ending, Henry's role as the author, and Emma and Killian's growing love story.

    My only wish is that Adam, Eddy, and all of the other cast and crew working on this wonderful show gives it the best ending possible, and trys their best to give every character the happy ending they deserve. Whatever the final decision on this show, I will forever be a loyal fan to Once Upon A Time, and will know it has changed me for good. C:

    "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing." This Mary Margaret quote from the Pilot episode is what I will hold onto the most; I chose to believe that the legacy of Once Upon A Time will continue, reaching the lives of fans who feel like they didn't matter, fans like me, to help us all believe in a little more magic.

  • Kate - 3 years ago

    I'm all the revamp, the show is good and it's a great concept but it's a little bit repetitive the villains just change each serie *yawn*

    Keep Hook ditch Emma after series 7 and show the story from someone else's perspective

  • Angela Pileggi - 3 years ago

    KEEP! This show is so entertaining! The characters are so fun and full of heart, and I love how the show is pretty upbeat with a focus on hope as a main ongoing theme, for the most part (obviously every story needs conflicts). The romance is so sweet in this series too, with THANKFULLY very few stupid love triangles (I hate that nonsense). There are not enough shows like this around, in fact I can't think of anything to compare it to old or present. There are so many "great" shows on the air, but most are so extremely brutal to watch. For example I like The Walking Dead, but it can be so disturbing I'll feel sick after watching it, and question why I am watching it (I like the characters and suspense but hate the brutality)...I won't touch most HBO shows for the same reasons, I don't find being disturbed "entertaining". I like to feel happy or inspired from watching a show or movie, and Once totally achieves that. Once Upon a Time is a breath of fresh air, and is definitely my favorite show. It was also a show that my boyfriend and I bonded on watching together, early on in our relationship....so I get what others are saying about it bringing some people together. There's something so touching about the true love themes the show conveys. My guy and I even have pirate costumes we wear for Halloween and will be wearing to Labyrinth Ball inspired by the show (well he has a Killian Jones costume, mine is just made up but inspired by the show's style). No show is perfect either, but for the most part Once Upon a Time is very strong, and I hope we get at least a few more seasons if the actors are up to it.

  • Kat - 3 years ago

    Keep!! There's still places to go... I wanna see narnia for starters! There's so many more characters to weave in... and Id hazard a guess, that Netflix viewers who don't live in America aren't counted with the viewing stats.

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Keep! There are many plot lines that were dropped that can be used! Maleficent & Lily, Henry & Violet maybe finish explaining the land of untold stories.

  • Adam - 3 years ago

    Definitely keep.

    This show should not be cancelled because not only has it seriously developed, there are a few plot holes that should probably be filled. ONCE only lost viewers because of a rather morbid second half of the 5th season. Come to think, every other show is just like that. This show should be renewed to continue the characters stories. Isn't that the whole point?

  • Andrea - 3 years ago

    Once Upon A Time may have had a drop in numbers but for those who have stuck around, the show has changed lives in unexplainable ways. This show has given me hope and joy when nothing else did and honesty is 100% of the reason I am still alive today. Whenever Im having a terrible time I watch, edit, draw, or even just look at Once pictures and I actually feel better. I know I’ll never have the opportunity to meet the cast and it’s writers due to the expense of the conventions so watching the show is my joy what gives me strength. Please don’t take it away from me, from us. Because Im not the only one, its brought so many people together. Please. I can't lose it. I honestly don't know what I'll do. I know one day it will eventually end but I don't want to have to know that kind of feeling for a while longer. I can't express in words what this show means to me. If I tried I could never do it any kind of justice, it's indescribable. Im already sitting here in tears, I just wish I could tell you exactly what this show means to me, if only I could mean the cast as well as Adam and Eddy to tell them what they've done for me. Please. Just please. Don't take this show away. Please...

  • Ruth Anne - 3 years ago

    Keep. This show and cast have provided amazing entertainment and brought many together. The show is about hope. The reset gives a fresh outlook and I for one love all storylines. There aren't shows on like this anymore. I want to see the show continue.

  • Lucie Martin - 3 years ago

    Please keep once upon a time. The best show since Desperate Housewives!!

  • Theresa - 3 years ago

    Please keep Once Upon a Time. I love this show so much. I'll be sad if it's cut.

  • Jazz - 3 years ago

    Keep!! I LOVE this show and I will be rly sad if it ends!! Also, if you end it, at least make an ending instead of leaving it on a cliffhanger.

  • Raul - 3 years ago

    I love this show! I want them to keep it, but there are a few issues. There's been a few issues. I'm going to be honest, I've been tired of Snow and Charming since season 2 or 3. So they do need to go. Their acting has never really been up to par compared to Rumple's or Regina's; like I can see it in their eyes that they are just saying words they've rehearsed and read off a script. Not really magical. Also, I'm tired or repeating storylines and people dying... and things that don't make sense. They should really gather a panel of fans to pick their brains of what they (I) would like to see. I think the fans could save this show. We know what we like! and at LEAST allow them to incorporate some of our ideas. They really need to be careful who they choose however, I've had arguments with "fans" on the topic of this being or not being a "Disney" show. I think it is because of the OBVIOUS clues. They think it's not because they introduce a few non-Disney characters. IMO this is completely Disney, BUT with added breadth, context, creative interpretation and yes, a few new characters. What, is Maleficent not Disney because they changed Diablo's name to Diaval, and the fairy's names, and changed the story around a LOT? Of course it's still Disney.

  • Abby - 3 years ago

    KEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!!! I live for OUAT! There's still so many things I want to see happen! Captain swan wedding, honeymoon, child, etc. There may not be as many viewers as you would like, but for all the true OUAT fans, you cannot take it away!!!! It is everything to us!!!!!!!!! KEEP!!!!!!

  • Stephen - 3 years ago

    Ive watched it since episode one. Do I want it to end? No. But, I'm getting weary of it. Season 6 started off great with Jekyll and Hyde then three episodes in they are dead. Seriously? That's what I'm tired of. They're either bringing new characters on just to kill them or either the characters disappear and you're left to wonder ... Hmmmmm??? The Land of Untold Stories must didn't have alot of untold stories to tell because half way through season 6A we were finished with that. I'm tired of time portals, ripping out hearts, and the convenience of magic to fix everything. Are u having a problem today? Well here's a potion. I just happened to have it sitting around here. Drink it. Oh!! No!! You just disappeared!! Where are you? Hi! I'm in an alternate reality wasting everyone's time. Ha. Ha. I say give it one more season. Season 7 should happen just for the fans. I would watch it or at least have my tv tuned to it while I'm watching videos on my phone or clipping my toe nails, which I do now. But, season 7 would have to be the last season. You've got to bring this ship into the shore and throw away the oar forever.

  • Bitter but blessed - 3 years ago

    WTF?????? KEEP KEEP KEEP KEEP KEEP!!!!!!! Honestly if they do a reboot type of thing for season 7 and don't have the main cast I'll be bitter about it but I'll still watch it and I'll probably love whatever they do regardless and who knows maybe they'll have new people do a new thing in season 7 and then tie everything together with the other seasons. If they do a season 7 and it is the last season I would want to know in the summer some time before the season starts to prepare myself for the end. I don't want it to be a year from now dealing with are we gonna get season 8 or not I'd rather know at ahead of time. I love this show and would be crushed if it got cancelled now especially with so few eps left and so little time to prepare for the end. #renewonce ❤❤

  • Leor - 3 years ago

    Keep! This show continues to be amazing and it means so much to so many people.

  • Roxy - 3 years ago

    Keep it , let it continue to a great, better and beyond future for the Characters , l I think it's a great show and Emma ,Regina and Hook make it all better .

  • kalia - 3 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my FAVORITE show and without i will legit like die. honestly right now its just about the only thing keeping me happy. IF THEY END IT I WILL CRY FOREVER AND I NEED ONCE UPON A TIME IN MY LIFE AND JUST PLEASE DO NOT END IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan - 3 years ago

    KEEP!! OUAT is my favorite show. This season is great so far. I'd say the show is on an up-swing, so KEEP it for season 7!

  • Sabrina - 3 years ago

    Keep It! The show is great & in my opinion it gives out some good messages. I have watched the show from day one & love it & it keeps me going alot with the messages & with life.

  • Joe - 3 years ago


    Was a day one fan. Great characters, interesting plot. Now it feels thrown together, like they have nothing substantial to work with now, so they use random stories as filler. They bring in a new myth/tale just to discard it once they suddenly find a new one.

    I think bringing Emma's walls down has not come off how they thought it would. She just seems off... not full of life. She used to be vibrant and strong, she comes off as weak now, not emotionally open as they intended. Emma showed us who she was in the first season, she would give great advice to people about life and being strong, that's who she is. She is a survivor and the savior, she helps people. She's not a submissive housewife waiting to run to her man when he walks through the door. I liked Emma and Hook together at one point, but it's become a bit soap opera-y and 1950s for me. I think showing them doing more hero-y things as a couple CONSISTENTLY, not looking for a house and Hook asking David for "permission" to marry Emma (as if she's property), would have helped their image. The marriage plot seems rushed, they haven't actually known each other for long (less than a year all together?)

    Henry is barely relevant anymore. His bond with Regina / Emma was very important to the show. Lately it feels like he's only around in the background or when the writers want to utilize him, as if he and his bond to his moms is are just plot objects.

    It's frustrating how they keep devolving both Regina and Hook. Regina is my favorite, but she keeps going through emotional arcs to reach happiness, then Robin comes back (yet again, somehow) and she gets upset. Again. I'm glad she's accepted this guy isn't Robin, but after so much progress I'd like to have seen her realize it sooner, before letting him into Storybrooke. It really didn't make much sense and felt like it was done to create plot, rather than being an organic choice. I also wish they'd used her split with the Evil Queen as a plot to showcase that you can't just cut a part of yourself and your past out, you have to learn to grow with/beyond it. Maybe they will, but as usual they dropped one plot for another and will rush it's conclusion. (Reminds me of how she was supposed to be the savior and then just... wasn't.)

    With Hook it's like every time they try to make him a hero, they later ruin it. I'm a sucker for the "bad guy's redemption" (Regina included) I enjoyed seeing him join the heroes initially, but the constant back and forth is tired. Thought last season would be the end of it with Zeus himself granting Hook life again (which made no sense, but it's not worth discussing). But we're back to square one with keeping the sheers from Emma and now lying to David about killing his father. Compassionately, I understand it being hard to admit he killed this man's father, but he STILL asked David if he could marry Emma knowing this. If the show is trying to make him seem like a hero, then they should actually have him move forward and be good instead of wallowing in self pity, drinking all day. They either don't know how to let go of his dark side or have nothing else to do with his character. He is constantly one step forward, two steps back. His character struggle is with darkness, but it's been long enough. It's hard seeing Emma be so head over heels in love with someone who is drunk for their proposal and still keeps things from her. Almost had hope when he said he wanted to tell her the truth, but of course he didn't. She'll forgive him because she always does, its an abusive relationship at this point. I'm not sure why I haven't seen Hook fans express their frustration with Hook's constant regression.

    I think this should have been a 3-4 season show, I've struggled to watch the last 2~ seasons. I appreciate them trying to bring back the magic of the first season, but they've run through their options and seem to not have a clear vision anymore. They're ruining their characters by focusing on

  • Robin McCoy - 3 years ago

    Cut it. The whole cast deserves to move on to bigger and better things. The show is an absolute joke at this point.

  • Sourdough - 3 years ago

    I vote keep. The last couple of seasons have been a bit dry, but this season (rather the second half of this season) has better held interest and kept the characters doing what they do best instead of throwing them in all sorts of increasingly preposterous situations. A reset is needed, as many of the current storylines have run their course. Perhaps reaching into more literary characters would prove beneficial. That was a big selling point for Season 6 that got slighted after a couple of episodes saw the death of Jekyll and Hyde. An increased focus on the season-long storylines and gradual cycling through new characters (for example, Frozen from Season 4...Jekyll and Hyde as well as Aladdin and Jasmine could have easily taken a more prominent role in their own seasons), along with new lead characters that have not already been squeezed dry would revitalize the hope this show seems to have forgotten.

  • Jane - 3 years ago

    Let the show go. If they have an ending set up then end it. No one likes a show that drags on and they have to watch their favorites be written out. If they do decide to continue have a limited amount of episodes to give your fans the closure it deserves. Personally all I want for myself is a great ending for Regina. This is a character that has worked so hard and suffered so much heartbreak. I want a proper ending for her. If they do end up having a season 7, it will most likely be the last.

  • cate - 3 years ago


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