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  • Patti Bird - 5 years ago

    I just finished reading One Woman's Island!!! Fantastic!!! Thank you Susan for sharing and look forward too many more!!!

  • Patti Bird - 5 years ago

    Read Island in the Clouds last summer!!!! Love it! I read That Last Summer last week! I loved it!!! As I said to Susan... it was like it was my story!!! I laughed and cried!!! They are both so different but I'm going with Island in the Clouds! Thank you Susan!!!

  • Timothy Phillips - 5 years ago

    Really enjoyed "One Woman's Island," the most recent work, but I'm not going to place these works in a priority order because they are different. That is what I want to read from an author.

    "That Last Summer" was a brilliant revisit of the author to her growing up years in the sixties and helped fill me with a nostalgia for these years.

  • Bob Van Laerhoven - 5 years ago

    Island in the Clouds was a very attractive read, but I like "One Woman's Island" a tad more. Both are novels of an accomplished author who has honed her craft....

    Euh euh, for which novel did I vote? I didn't see a sequence, or am I getting blind at my old age? I just pushed the button "vote" and nothing seemed to happen....:-) In each case, I vote for "One Woman's Island". Success!

  • Wendy - 5 years ago

    Planning a trip to Bequia in February 2018!

  • Bruce Hunter - 5 years ago

    Islands was a terrific read! You should be getting a comission from the local tourist folks. Made me want to travel there.

  • Rorie Bruce - 5 years ago

    I've read Island In The Clouds and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading One Woman's Island.

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