Should duck hunting be killed off?

  • Gypsy - 5 years ago

    The end

  • Ian May - 5 years ago

    Duck shooting has had its day. We had some hardheads nesting on our local drain near Robe SA.. They were late breeders and the 6 surviving ducklings were not fledged when the shooting season opened. Nearly every day we would go down to the bridge and watch them growing. The birds became tame.. Late one afternoon there was a series of shotgun blasts.The kids ran from the house about 300m down to the drain to find one injured female and 4 injured ducklings thrashing in the water. The male and other two were not to be found. Had to destroy the injured birds. We have never got over it. We loved those birds and couldn't protect them.

  • Eleanor - 5 years ago

    Nicky, the concern is not that waterbirds will overpopulate, the concern is that their numbers are in long term decline in eastern Australia. Yes, that includes states that have no recreational duck shooting. Native waterbirds need to be protected, not killed.

    If you really did come out on a rescue please state when, where and with whom so I can verify it. As it stands I am not buying that you've had anything to do with the campaign.

  • Charles - 5 years ago

    Wow so many opposed to it. The idea obviously offends a lot of people.

  • Nicky - 5 years ago

    Damien Proctor Ive seen ratbags to on both sides of the fence particularly anti duck hunting. If your an ethical hunter that dos the right thing why give up? Its people like you that make responsible & ethical hunting good?

  • Nicky - 5 years ago

    Eleanor, anybody like you can come on hear & say what your saying, the media love lies & storys that's why they love shock story tellers like Eleanor Byrne. Up in NSW where duck hunting has been banned for years, ducks are out of control in the outer west, if you own a swimming pool it will be full of duck turds in the morning, & nothing can be done about it.
    Photographic evidents dont mean anything to those whom dont know, nor when they live in the inner city that have no real life experiance to what dos happen. The nightly news has been renound for re playing old footage aswell.

    Just remember, the protection of any animal comes responsibility, too many means thinning, not enough means no hunting which is not the case. If there was not enough to be hunted there would not be a duck season to start with? You cant let emotion get in the way of the facts, hence the reason why i gave up hassasing duck hunters, its just not right.

    Both sides of the argumant have there extremeists that lie, people like Eleanor Byrne for instance.

  • Damien Proctor - 5 years ago

    About 20 odd years ago, I ended up not going duck hunting anymore. Back when I lived in Charlton, my dad and I use to go to Lake Buloke and friends farms. Back in the 90's duck opening season had quite a few ratbags (reckless hunters were always about in the 80's, but pales in comparison till then) were shooting up the place. One of the most sickening spectacles I saw, were two young chaps standing under a red gum stag and open fire on 10 ibis that had just roosted on the branches. That was the last time I participated in duck hunting in public. I had seen many other forms of outlaw type shenanigans on the lake. Birds wounded and others just floating dead. Other things had been heard at campfire gathering. A few of us decided private farms would be away from the reckless hunters.
    About 5 years of that and I hung up/handed the guns up. I enjoy bird watching and photography with my daughter and son. I still get a duck dinner from my brother and his boy. I know many hunters are ashamed of the last few years. This year was almost reminiscent of the mid 90's , and Box Flat was another one that brought shame to the ethical hunters again. Maybe holding the season off for a couple of years, will weed out the non dedicated hunters.

  • Eleanor - 5 years ago

    Haha Nicky, now I know you're lying. If you don't know that the authorities remove the birds we display then you were certainly never involved in the campaign. The GMA can confirm that they remove the birds and there is a great deal of photographic evidence of them doing so.

  • Nicky - 5 years ago

    Sorry Eleanor but your wrong, i used to be duck rescuer but couldnt see the point in lying to the community.

  • Eleanor - 5 years ago

    What utter rubbish, Nicky. Many anti-duck shooters are not animal liberationists, anyone (even meat-eaters) can rightfully object to the cruel and indiscriminate slaughter of declining wildlife and the destruction of fragile wetland ecosystems.

    Rescuers do not steal birds, we try to make shooters take their downed birds - some will and some won't.

    All the birds we display are removed by the authorities. This is extensively documented. Stop believing all the garbage you read on shooter pages.

  • Nicky - 5 years ago

    Like most other people in Australia i eat meat, & pay the butcher to kill animals for me, or i go out & shoot free range animals as i know where it comes from, & i know its been killed quickly. Hunters only take what they need, if the animal liberationists stopped stealing ducks the hunters wouldnt need to shoot more? Common sence really?

    Vegans on the other hand who will be more against duck hunting then anybody, kill more animals then hunters ever will? You see, land clearing for food crops is one of the most destructive ways to rid animal habbitat in Australia, also then you have pest control, from bugs to pigs & even bambi deer? Without pest control for food crops will be non profitable, thus wheat, oats & other food stuffs wont be grown.

    Just remember, if you pay the butcher for meat, or pay the grocery store for vegan non meat food stuffs, you have killed animals with that money?

    Its also common knowledge, that duck hunting rescuers freeze ducks for the next protest.

  • Ben - 5 years ago

    Like minded killers enjoy camping together and enjoy ending the lives of our wildlife.

  • Eleanor - 5 years ago

    What's the difference between a duck and a rabbit? A rabbit is an invasive species whilst all the 'game' ducks are native species with numbers in long term decline. Waterfowling is also notorious for the high wounding rate and misidentification of protected species.

    Scott talks about shooters cleaning up wetlands... but he doesn't mention how wetlands are left covered in shooters' trash and how many wounded birds are left behind to die slowly. Duck shooters are not conservationists. Duck shooters are animal abusers and environmental vandals. This sick sport needs to end.

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