Would you buy used makeup?

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  • Mary Miller - 3 years ago

    I cannot think of anything more gross than this, a person is looking for major problems regarding this practise. There's the cleanliness factor and possible spread of disease with this kind of transaction. This should be condemned by the Health authorities for reasons mentioned. I throw any unused make-up in the garbage if I don't use it or don't like it anymore. Most cosmetics have expired in 3 to 6 months anyway. Eye mascara is only good for about 3 months anyway, if it smells bad or like gas. Creams and foundations are good for about 5 months if used all the time. Check out all the expiry dates on- line or look for the expiry date on your own cosmetics. I would not recommend anyone buy used make-up. you could contract Pink Eye and a host of other nasty germs or infections.

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