What are you doing/did you do for spring break?

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  • Shelley M - 3 years ago


  • Jan Bennett - 3 years ago

    I'll be enjoying the peace and quiet as I work outside. I live near a high school and when spring break comes there's no traffic there's no kids yelling, it's really nice. It's kind of a precursor for summer because it's always so nice and quiet but I got to say that amist the quiet I sometimes miss the stirring of the youngsters laughter and all the learning that I know is taking place just across my fence.

  • Tammy Lambur - 3 years ago

    I always love relaxing and reading a good book.

  • Jennifer Cornell - 3 years ago

    Staying home and hanging out.

  • Kristy Brown - 3 years ago

    Hanging out with the cousins, birthday parties, baking, movie nights with the kids, and yes even some homework.

  • Shirley Bremer - 3 years ago

    I am going to a religious conference to hear the wonderful informational speakers and to renew my spirits. Will visit my sister afterwards for a couple of days to have some "sister time".

  • Jolie C - 3 years ago

    I have so much work to do this spring. Maybe I'll go golfing...and accidentally forget to count a few strokes!!

  • cheryl - 3 years ago

    I usually go to florida with my daughter and grandson, but they are taking friends this year, so I am just staying home.

  • Patricia Spear - 3 years ago

    We are meeting out daughter and granddaughter in Charleston for her Honors College tour. She begins at the College of Charleston this year. Where did the time go?

  • Carla Marcinek - 3 years ago

    I'm getting married at the end of April, so time will be spent getting ready

  • Marilyn - 3 years ago

    I am a homebody,so i will catch up on my reading.

  • Leslie - 3 years ago

    We went to The Mercentile on Tuesday! Thank you for opening up the Lodge for tours as well! It was a great way to spend my birthday! My 7year old loved seeing the Ranch and sporting his Drummond Ranch cap!

  • janet czerwinski - 3 years ago

    I would love to go check out a new city but I have a lot of work around the house to take care of. i'll probably go to the local art's and craft fair's.

  • Betty P - 3 years ago

    I live in Florida. It's spring weather 60% of the time. The other 40% is Africa hot weather!!

  • Lojann Lorenzo - 3 years ago

    This year for spring break my family stayed home but adventured out around town. So much to see and do in Houston, TX.

  • Jamie - 3 years ago

    I sprained my ankle in the yard. In one of those darn holes! Hurts so bad. In bed, on crutches, everything on hold. Poop. ????

  • Bri - 3 years ago

    I accepted a new position, and now we are preparing to move 1700 miles away!

  • joan davis - 3 years ago

    I am always on spring break as our kids are grown and gone. I am doing my spring cleaning NOW.. I will be hosting Bunco next week so this gives me a good reason to get started. Then I will be done and can relax and read. and of course watch Pioneer Woman --

  • Hope Hill - 3 years ago

    Starting annual spring cleaning. So much work to do! Hopefully I will do better than last year and get at least half the list done.

  • Debbie Tucker - 3 years ago

    I do not work so I am just glad to go and work in the yard!

  • Teresa M - 3 years ago

    So much fun this Spring helping daughter & son-in-law move into new home. Organize the kitchen (my fav), and see what's poking up from the ground in their new garden beds.

  • Teresa Brickhouse - 3 years ago

    Does a "stay-cation" count as a Spring Break Adventure??

  • Rebekah Vanderhoff - 3 years ago

    I'm excited for slow mornings, hanging out with Grandparents and being spontaneous!

  • Kari B - 3 years ago

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary by renewing our vows at JordonCon. Then my husband is taking the following week off to make up for making me renew our vows at JordonCon (he's a director). LOL

  • Laurie T - 3 years ago

    My son came home from college during his spring break from classes. It's always good to see him and spend time with him.

  • Leslie Anne Franklin - 3 years ago

    Visited beautiful Lake Tahoe for the first time!

  • Kathy Kamrath - 3 years ago

    Spring Break? I didn't even know it was happening! No kids in school anymore! I did notice there were more kids at the grocery store last week...

  • Heather W. - 3 years ago

    I will probably still be shoveling snow. Hello, Spring, remember me?!

  • katrina senften - 3 years ago

    We will be visiting family!

  • Pat Garvin - 3 years ago

    I'm always on break. Retired.

  • Abby Bennett - 3 years ago

    It is my first spring break in awhile! I am excited to have some time off!

  • Kristi - 3 years ago

    Staycation! Got my life back in order!

  • Leslie Jones - 3 years ago

    No spring break time off for me but grandma and grandpa took care of my son and made sure he had a wonderful time on spring break.

  • Kay Taylor - 3 years ago

    Next year spring break will be more fun!

  • Lori Holcomb - 3 years ago

    I just retired from teaching...so this is my first un-Spring break. Kinda nice!

  • Katrina - 3 years ago

    Michigan does not offer a whole lot of sun over the winter months so am looking forward to Florida sunshine and heat!

  • Carol Gill - 3 years ago

    Have been house bound for two months because of illness. April 1 is freedom day-here I come outside!!,!!!!!

  • Ginny - 3 years ago

    I am hoping to enjoy the sunshine!

  • Shirley Clayborne - 3 years ago

    Working .no break for me

  • Wendy Partain - 3 years ago

    I am lucky because my wedding anniversary is near Spring Break so we went on a cruise for 7 days and enjoyed each other -the kiddos. It was so refreshing. We will spend some time at the lake near our house with the kids for Easter/Spring Break weekend.

  • Sue - 3 years ago

    Tulips are the best !

  • Carolyn Powell - 3 years ago

    I'm retired so every week is spring break

  • Rosie - 3 years ago

    We did homeschool right through spring break.

  • Kathy Ramlee - 3 years ago

    Spring cleaning, and will catch a movie with the kiddos!

  • Amy* - 3 years ago

    Son was home. WOOT!!!

  • Melissa Gubbels - 3 years ago

    Kids want to go on some big vacation but I have to work :(

  • Judy Kim - 3 years ago

    Going camping in Orlando to volunteer at and attend Photoshop World Conference...so excited!

  • JUDY ROZEMA - 3 years ago

    My kids are all grown, so spring break has lost its special meaning for me

  • Amanda B. - 3 years ago

    So much to do at home !!!

  • Jessica duran - 3 years ago

    I live in texas amd my parents live in arkansas. I havent seen them in about 4 years. I got an unexpected chance to go visit them last week for our spring break. Loved it!

  • Tami Vitcovich - 3 years ago

    Wish we could do a fun, hot and sunny family beach vacay!!

  • Jacqueline Doyle - 3 years ago

    I had to work

  • Claire - 3 years ago

    We didn't have a spring break this year. The kids are too little yet so just another normal week for us.

  • Sheri Johnson - 3 years ago

    I stayed home and worked :(

  • Marieanne Modifier - 3 years ago

    I have lots of happy church and garden meetings this time of year that reconnect me with folks I haven't seen all winter! Yay Spring!

  • Melissa Sizemore - 3 years ago

    I have to work for most of spring break!

  • shanna - 3 years ago

    visiting parents!

  • Carly Salsbury - 3 years ago

    No spring break for me but I have my nose in a book whenever I get a chance!

  • Cheryl Ketcham - 3 years ago

    Visited my parents for Spring Break! My dad is sick - so took the time to spend time!

  • linda - 3 years ago

    Unfortunately no spring break for me, have to work. :( But weekends I will be checking out the hiking trails, parks, and out door activities.

  • Gail Boyd - 3 years ago

    I will be going to high school baseball games. My grandson has three games scheduled for that week so we can't go out of town.

  • brenda boteler - 3 years ago

    A chance to.do things in the community. Help our community thrive and grow and help others.

  • Juli C - 3 years ago

    I'm a teacher and my spring break is different from my kids. I'm going to relax quietly. Yay!

  • Joyce W - 3 years ago

    Taking care of grandchildren while they are on Spring Break.

  • Amanda Welker - 3 years ago

    We took the kids to Branson for the week and had a great time! I would highly recommend Dixie Stampede! The kids loved it and got little boot cups to take home!

  • Alicia M. Gamber - 3 years ago

    i work two jobs there is no spring break!

  • Carol Hare - 3 years ago

    Spring break is next week here in the Midwest. We babysit the grandchildren and our daughter is a teacher. Our break will be doing chores that can't be done with a 5 and 3 year old supervisor!

  • Teresa - 3 years ago

    I'm an in-home caregiver for my parents. Their wish is my command. A lot of mowing lawn.

  • Marieanne Modifier - 3 years ago

    I have lots of happy church and garden meetings this time of year that reconnect me with folks I haven't seen all winter! Yay Spring!

  • Sharen Prine - 3 years ago

    We stayed home this spring break because of the flu!

  • Kathy Whitlow - 3 years ago

    We are in Florida enjoying the sun and the warm weather

  • Hillary - 3 years ago

    I need to put my toes in the sand, feel the ocean breeze, smell the salt air, hear the seagulls screech and children giggle, so beach, here I come!

  • Pat J - 3 years ago

    I stayed in my home town of Havre, MT. It was a beautiful week.

  • Kristy Peck - 3 years ago

    I went to the Mercantile!!!!

  • Gigi - 3 years ago

    No spring break for me . My daughters are grown now. I might get to read a book or two and call that spring break.

  • Morgan Price - 3 years ago

    Go to work and the beach!

  • Josi - 3 years ago

    Had to go to Reno to watch the Big Sky Conference Tournament. Go Weber!

  • Lynne Verro - 3 years ago

    Tulips n daffodils! And what's Spring Break? haven't had one of those in years, years and years!

  • Gina Hodge - 3 years ago

    No real Spring Break, but reading on the back porch in the spring weather is awesome!

  • Deborah Moore - 3 years ago

    Spring break would have been lovely but I'm still among the working group. Boss man needs me here for now. Vacation later this year - maybe

  • Rachel - 3 years ago

    Being an accountant and in tax season...no time for showers hardly much less a break!

  • PeggyA - 3 years ago

    Now that my kids are grown I don't do spring break. But fill in at work for those who do still have small children.

  • Margie S - 3 years ago

    Son in law has a family ranch and we go there on long weekends to relax. Not a working ranch anymore.

  • Jamie L Calkins - 3 years ago

    no Spring Break here!

  • Kelly S - 3 years ago

    Went to Pahawska, Oklahoma twice! HAD to go to the Merc!

  • Monica Malires - 3 years ago

    Having a "staycation!" is sometimes the best vacation.

  • Theresa G - 3 years ago

    No Spring Break for me :( I have to work.

  • Dayna Herz - 3 years ago

    Heading to Austin in a few weeks for the first time ever. It'll be a nice break from Maine slush/ mud season!

  • Susan - 3 years ago

    3 kids, 2 different spring breaks - just couldn't get it pulled together

  • Rah - 3 years ago

    We are blessed to have our 91- and 95-year-old mothers living, one in the Midwest and one in the deep South. So most of our discretionary time and money go toward seeing the Moms. Not one complaint from us!

  • Emily - 3 years ago

    Saving up money to start nurse practitioner school this year and first baby coming this fall :)

  • Debbie Noyola - 3 years ago

    No spring break for me, but there's a common area next to my house & I love watching & hearing the birds sing. Plus there's a baby squirrel that comes to my back door for peanuts. So cute!

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    Hiking with my boys....fun! And fixing fence.....necessary!

  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Trip to the beach to visit family for a couple of days.

  • Sharon Shiffer - 3 years ago

    Sorry but no Spring Break here. Just work. That is what happens when you don't go to school any longer. Ahhh miss those days.

  • Marie Mankoff - 3 years ago

    My husband and I actually came to Pawhuska to the Mercantile. We were also lucky enough to go out and tour the Lodge. The most special was seeing Ree in person at the Mercantile. We had no idea she would be there.

  • Jacquie Morneau - 3 years ago

    I like to read so it's a good time to relax and enjoy a good book.

  • Kate - 3 years ago

    We go camping and hiking over spring break.

  • Caroline B. - 3 years ago

    We took our kids to a cabin in the woods for hiking last week....it was too cold to hike, but we loved being cozy and watching movies!

  • Pam M. - 3 years ago

    The Beach.

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