Did Chloe Murder Adam or Is He Alive?

  • NikkiM - 4 years ago

    I still can NOT fathom how this writer, #SallySussman, whom everyone raved about, "does not see the need for Adam right now." It honestly makes me SICK! I will say I do like Nick and Chelsea as a couple and loved the fact that the writers prior to her gave Adam more of a relationship with His family BUT there is a hole in the show right now and that's where Adam used to be. #yrbringbackmichaelmuhney PRONTO and PLEASE, put him with his true soulmate... SHARON! The last writing team really disappointed me when they ignored the very deep connection #Shadam always had! Wake up #yr

  • Shirley York - 4 years ago

    Adam has two little boys need him desperately. Nick wil be devastated and there goes the storyline for more drama

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