Do You Think Mike Should Make Nelle His Girlfriend?

  • Tay - 4 years ago

    I myself agrees with Gail!!! He deserves better and Sabrina was perfect for him because they both were constantly getting hurt in their love life!!! He'll bring Sabrina back but don't let Nelle hook up with him!!! He just needs somebody who's gonna love him unconditionally!!!

  • Gail - 4 years ago

    Why do you make Michael look so weak when it comes to women? He continuously chooses women that don't treat him well. I I tired of that; let him have a backbone for once!

  • Erin - 4 years ago

    I don't know if I like Nell or not. But she's definitely not good enough or pretty enough for Michael. I really wish they hadn't killed Sabrina off. Sabrina and Michael were perfect for one another!!!

  • Sarah - 4 years ago

    I Aggie Lady 8 i Can learn and Grow to like Nellie she deserves to be part of the cast of General Hospital Team and to be something really grate

  • LadyB - 4 years ago

    I think Michael deserves someone fresh and exciting instead of a hand me down or someone from the past who has an agenda. Same old drama . First it was Kiki, then Sabrina and now Nelle, who looks too old for Michael and she needs to grow up and stop letting others influence and dictate her path in life .

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