Do You Want Abigail With Dario or Chad?

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  • Ellen - 3 years ago

    leave chad and abby alone let them find happiness

  • Missy - 3 years ago

    Chad Abigail Chabby FOREVER get rid of DARIO Eli, w GABBY

  • Barbara Hyatt - 3 years ago

    What Nicole Brady together please keep them together

  • Barbara Hyatt - 3 years ago

    What chad and abby together. Get rid of gabby please.

  • Tiffany - 3 years ago

    I think that Dario might be a good choice for Abby look how bad her husband has been acting even after her return?He is not willing to let either one of them go which tells you he is not 100% dedicated to his wife.I am surprised at the things she has been tolerating to try to keep their marriage going even though he told Gabby he is in love with her.I hope Abby finally gets fed up with it and gives him the boot.She deserves better than what he has been giving her.She should be with someone that sees noone else other than her as an option not with someone who secretly wants someone on the side and she has to keep looking over her shoulder because the trust is gone due to his actions.if they both were willing to be 100% dedicated to each other it could work but his mind and heart is split between Abby and Gabby. I personally would like to see Abby finally put her foot down instead of trying to be OK with something she clearly is not OK with.She deserves to be happy.Maybe Chad should be alone for awhile

  • K - 3 years ago

    Very surprised over 30% like Dario & Abby. They have no chemistry. Should they be paired together then Abigail has fallen out of luck love and I will fast forward through Dario\Abigail scenes. At least Chad & Gabi make sense because he thought Abigail was dead. Only want Chabby. They have great chemistry and are married.

  • Jane Schilling - 3 years ago

    At this point I would not care if Days of Our Lives went off the air. It is not the show it used to be. There are too many of the good actors and actresses leaving. Sorry!!!!. Jane

  • Phyllis - 3 years ago

    Still don't like the new Abby. It seems he's really not with the REAL Abigail...but that's just me. She is a good actress but her looks does not suit the part. She should move on with Dario or someone else. Chad has more chemistry with Gaby now, however Chad should have never continued his relationship with her once Abby came back. Chad was even jealous when she told him she had a date with Ely. Maybe she should also move on and leave Chad on his own.

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