Do you think Delaware should work to reinstate the death penalty?

  • Onesimus Al-Amin - 3 years ago

    Has the death pemalty reduced crime in this state? If you are "pro-life" doesn't that apply to all life and not just the unborn?

  • John doe - 3 years ago

    Lock them away for the rest of their lives? Do you realize the offenders who are most likely guilty of Floyd's murder were already serving life for murder they committed on the streets. So you say lock them away for life so they can murder again and again and again and just get more life sentences added to their rap sheet. I bet you wouldn't feel that way if you were the one locked away with them walking around them on a daily bases wondering if you were next.

  • George Brown - 3 years ago

    We are fortunate to live in a free Country. In order for our Country to remain free we have a system in place, called the rule of law. Our elected officials have passed these laws which are the law of the land we live in. I, for one do not think living out life in prison would be or is pleasant. It is not meant to be. There some individuals who do not to want to live happily in society, that is unfortunate. But that doesn't mean I should have be subjected to their way of life, to their cravings, and their lawlessness. Without laws and someone to enforce them life as we now enjoy it would be chaotic. The strong and violent people would trample the weak members of our society. That could be you, your parents, or loved ones. The death penalty is the supreme punishment for people who commit Capital crimes. I hope we have the fortitude to bring back the death penalty and then have the gumption to use it, for the good of everyone.

  • Ben Humes - 3 years ago

    Without punishment for murder evil flourishes both in and out of prison! Living your life behind bars isn't a punishment anymore, it simply means that you get to go live in a smaller society surrounded by friends and family, where you can live deviously, stealing, fighting and hurting your fellow Americans! Many are serving short sentences and carry that negative behavior back to society! Serving a death sentence to evil-doers isn't about an eye for an eye vengeance its about whats right and whats wrong, putting down evil is the right thing to do, its a shame that some don't see it that way, perhaps they should go work in the prison system where evil is catered too! I will always remember the February 1-2 hostage situation at JTVCC and know that there will never be justice for Sgt Floyd as long as there's no death penalty for pure evil. Those inmates will be shipped off to other prisons in other states to continue living their prison life styles! What a shame!

  • Helen - 3 years ago

    Are you kidding? The death penalty is premeditated murder. We have prisons for violent offenders. It costs less to house them, but this isn't about money. This is about murdering human beings. Vengeance is not mine. Whether you fry them Alive, gas, shoot, hang, or put a poison dart in them, it still is murder. It creates more victims on both sides of the wire. I am a victim survivor. Don't kill for me.

  • Jennifer Wheeler - 3 years ago

    The death penalty was not instituted as a punishment. It was to extinguish people from society who are a danger to others. The disgusting murder of Sgt. Floyd demonstrated to us that inmates can be incarcerated and still a huge danger to society. Time to bring it back. PS I know plenty of poor people who arent criminals and I believe one of Vaughn's most famous residents Tom Capano was rich as hell. Stop making it a fiscal issue. It's not.

  • Steve Deery - 3 years ago

    Wilmington - A place to BE a body.

  • Joanne Andreavich - 3 years ago

    The State should not be in the business of murder.A poor man dies and a rich man walks away. Not a fair system.

  • Alice Jarvis - 3 years ago

    If you were guaranteed that the people making decisions about reasonable doubt were not perfect, would you still support the death penalty? I think reasonable people can't. I can guarantee that no one is always perfect. Every executed person was judged to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and DNA has proved that some of them were completely innocent. For example we have executed people when multiple eye witnesses and even victims are 100% positive they saw them do it. But it turns out it was not them. Yes, there is no doubt when a prison guard is murdered, but we can't write a law that says we have to be really really really sure. We give life sentence prisoners some things that can be taken away. Facing a life of gruel and a vitamin for 3 meals a day, solitary, and never seeing the outside could be a good deterrent.

  • Bob Vickery - 3 years ago

    Bring it back. Most definitely. Plus, one should gets life without parole to shoot, stab, or injury a cop, and death when killing a cop. No questions.

  • Rudolph Wagner - 3 years ago

    The only cruel and unusual punishment in the death penalty is the time from the trial to carrying out of the verdict.

  • Rob Burton - 3 years ago

    I think we should reinstate the death penalty. If you think that the murder of the prison guard happening during a time when we did not have the death penalty is a coincidence, you haven't thought it through. It is a deterrent for criminals. It keeps them from committing murder because they know that they will face the death penalty!!!

  • Bull Conner - 3 years ago

    Some crimes call for the death punishment IMO. However the issue is depending on an immoral, corrupt and incompetent government to carry the punishment out.
    The State government is chock full of AA hires and other unqualifieds who routinely screw up everything and anything they are involved in . It's SOP.

    You could privatize but the government would regulate and screw that up also.

  • Horace Knight - 3 years ago

    It is time to permanently repeal the death penalty in Delaware. The death penalty does not bring "justice" or "closure" to victim family members. More importantly, killling another human being does bring back our loved ones.

  • Thomas Larson - 3 years ago

    Very dangerous and immoral for one human being to play God for another human being. Eye Witnesses have proved to be wrong. Confessions have proven to be wrong. Even absolute evidence can be planted or a mere coincidence.... its certainly not a deterrent, so why?? What have we become in Gods eyes?? He's watching folks... so hes certainly aware!!

  • Donald Morton - 3 years ago

    The research and data concerning the disparate way in which the death penalty is applied is clear. Impoverished and minority communities are far more likely to be sentenced to death than other people groups. The death penalty has essentially been repealed and for the reasons I've already mentioned along with the flaws in the system, it need be permanently abolished. State sponsored homicide is as wrong as the Murder that triggers the penalty.

  • Bill Greto, Jr. - 3 years ago

    Violence only begets more violence. As a victim of a violent crime (shot nine times in Philadelphia and left for dead) I stand whole-heartedly AGAINST bringing back the death penalty. Life without parole has proven to protect our society. We need to use the large amount of money we waste executing folks and INVEST it in rehabilitation for those able to be rehabilitated. Let's cut down our recidivism rate. And please take the time to listen to Sister Helen Prejean. She has dedicated her life to stopping the death penalty, and has done an incredible amount of research on the subject. Knowledge is true power. Please - NO MORE KILLING IN MY NAME!!! Thank you.

  • Christine Faraone - 3 years ago

    Anyone who brutally kills a person for no good reason deserves the same punishment. My sibling did not deserve to die at the hands of a habitual criminal. The low-life should experience the same punishment they imposed on the victim.

  • Stephen Winn Klyce - 3 years ago

    Killing people who've killed people is not accomplishing enough. Better to spend some of that holding money for death row prisoners on something that will extend life, cure illnesses that wipe out lives.

    Executions have been shown to be of minimal deterrent valu.

    Stephen Klyce
    Dagsboro DE

    March 27 2017

  • Harriet - 3 years ago

    The death penalty does not reduce crime

  • John Engelman - 3 years ago

    i am an enthusiast for capital punishment. I favor the gallows.

  • Kevin O'Connell - 3 years ago

    Take the astronomical amount of money we have wasted over the last 40 years chasing after the death penalty here in Delaware and instead invest it in more and better equipped police and prison guards, better conditions in our prisons and treatment for those suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. Then you will begin to see the reduction in violent crime and homicide that legislators have promised would only happen if we have a death penalty. Let's keep DE death penalty free.

  • Jennifer - 3 years ago

    I believe Delaware should reinstate the death penalty BUT I also believe they should then limit the number of appeals inmates on death row can make. Some have appealed their way into a life sentence because they just keep filing appeal after appeal. I do like that they are stating that the new legislation would make it so that it has to be unanimous between the jury and the judge and no one party can hold all the power.

  • Kristin Froehlich - 3 years ago

    As the sister of a murdered brother, I experienced that the death penalty only prolongs the torture of victims' family members. Delaware has a terrible record of error, bias, and ineffectiveness on the death penalty. Reinstating it won't change that.

  • Jack Payden-Travers - 3 years ago

    I think the only people who should be allowed to vote about reinstatement are the 150+ men and women who have been exonerated from death rows across this nation in the modern death penalty era.

  • Justice - 3 years ago

    Congratulations, progressives, you've captured the courts, so this poll is an academic exercise. Never mind the whinging about racism and cruelty and an eye for an eye making the whole world blind; that's just fluff. The simple fact is that while progressives run the court system, we're not going to be executing anybody legally, no matter how much he deserves it. We'll have plenty of extra-judicial killings instead, some orchestrated by the state and some by ordinary criminals. The elite will kill whom they want dead, and the underclass will kill whom they want dead, it's only the decent and law-abiding middle that has to put up with it. Hey, I know, maybe if we disarm the law-abiding middle, that would stop the elite and the underclass from killing people?

    This is a failure of governance. What can't go on forever, won't. Brazil is heading for warlordism. Is that the future you want for Delaware? Because that's the future you're going to wind up with.

  • Josh - 3 years ago

    The convenience of not having to pay for inmate housing, food, and care during a budget deficit is not an excuse to end their lives, unless those who sign the law will personally administer every lethal punishment in the state going forward. I would recommend mental health evaluations of those signing the law who agree to these terms to ensure they are not simply agreeing so that they can enjoy killing people, as that would represent a greater problem in public office than in the prisons.

  • A. Jay Julis - 3 years ago

    It should reduce crime.

  • June Gallagher - 3 years ago

    Killing is abhorrent whether it be a criminal act or under the auspices of a legal death penalty. Anyone legally carrying out or condoning taking a life is just as guilty as the criminal. It is barbaric and society should be ashamed that this is still happening in our country. Please don't let it happen in Delaware .

  • Steve Deery - 3 years ago

    This sissy state even wants to drop bail.
    How many killed in Wilmington this week?

  • Augusto Cordova - 3 years ago

    There are several reasons for permanently repealing the death sentence in Delaware: 1) Death Penalty is imposed more frequently on minorities and the poor; 2) A death penalty more than 7 years after the crime involves someone who has changed so much that the guilty party is no longer present; 3) there is little evidence that executing someone will benefit society; 4) our criminal system is flawed since eyewitnesses often remember incorrectly, Executing the innocent to prevent releasing the guilty is not acceptable.

  • Augusto Cordova - 3 years ago

    There are several reasons for permanently repealing the death sentence in Delaware: 1) Death Penalty is imposed more frequently on minorities and the poor; 2) A death penalty more than 7 years after the crime involves someone who has changed so much that the guilty party is no longer present; 3) there is little evidence that executing someone will benefit society; 4) our criminal system is flawed since eyewitnesses often remember incorrectly, Executing the innocent to prevent releasing the guilty is not acceptable.

  • Bill Zolper - 3 years ago

    You need to reduce housing expense on life sentences and have a penalty for killing someone in prision.

  • Nick Johnson - 3 years ago

    The death penalty is not justice. It is revenge. Furthermore it is not applied evenly or fairly once race, socioeconomic status and the relative racial status of the victim of the crime is taken into account. ( ). We are also bad at getting it right. A conservative estimate has been made that at least 4 per cent of death row inmates are innocent. For the absolute punishment absolute certainty is required and 4% or more as a failure rate is unacceptable.

  • Cathi kogut - 3 years ago

    They Really need to bring it back & USE it... PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE ....THE LAST 30-40 years NOT@ ALL..
    If someone KILLS a COP or Anyone , They Should Get the DEATH PENALTY. ASAP !!!

  • Richard Thompson Jr. - 3 years ago

    With manufacturers refusing to make their drugs available, what are you going to do? Hanging isn't an option, neither is Firing Squads. Bring out an Electric Chair? Fact is, The State has no right to kill its citizens. An eye for an eye isn't good policy. These people must be locked away for the rest of their lives.

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