Will you give vitamin C, steroids and thiamine to patients with sepsis?

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  • Jamie donaldson - 3 years ago

    I gave birth to twins one boy one girl. The girl got sick and after different treatments and medication (NO VITAMIN C COCKTAIL WAS USED), my baby lost her battle with sepsis at just 3 days old. Her twin brother was given medication just in case for 10 days. Thankfully he is now and happy, healthy 6 month old baby. Even knowing there is not much evidence to prove the vitamin c cocktail may help or heal a patient with sepsis I would still have it given to any child of mine. Nothing is worse than holding your own child while she takes her last breath.

  • Eric Kipnis - 3 years ago

    While we have been using vitamin C and hydrocortisone in our ICU for years, it is hard to zero in to the optimal dose of vitamin C lacking proper studies. We use close to Marik's regimen except for thiamine which is loaded upon patient arrival and not coupled with the vitamin C. We have no study to prove that it has improved outcomes, we decided use based upon the physio pathological rationale and small existing studies.
    we would gladly participate in an RCT.
    A word of caution concerning vitamin C though, at very high doses (150-200 mg/kg/day) we attempted similar to those reported in burn patients, vitamin C led to 2 cases of marked hypoglycaemia which did not show up on bedside capillary monitoring, but only on the blood chemistry lab workup, and thus went unnoticed for some time and led to severe complications. We have not observed this phenomenon known to biochemists at lower doses between 50-90 mg/kg/day.

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