What Model 3 feature are you most looking forward to?

  • Georgi Horwitz - 4 years ago

    Aging demographics like me will soon opt for autonomous cars to maintain our Independence. It will be nice to be taken up to the mountains to get to the yoga center for a week long retreat or visit relatives without relying on someone to be driven to.

  • Chris - 4 years ago

    Autonomous driving would be a killer feature for our family. We're currently house hunting and we have a choice to live within 10 minutes walking distance to public transport or 10 minutes driving distance to public transport. The houses within driving distance thus far are much more affordable and desirable. If our Model 3 can self drive us to the station and drive itself back home in the garage, and vice versa to pick us up after work that would be an enormous factor in where we decide to live. And i have a feeling this would revolutionise town planning around the world.

  • Michael Sacson - 4 years ago

    The "self-driving" option is already widely available and affordable - it is UBER.
    I am ready to pay 35K plus for the Model 3 just because I like to be a Driver, not a Passenger...
    Due to my professional experience - I am working on Communication Based Train Control Systems (Driverless Subway Trains) for many years - I know, the driver is much less reliable than computer-based system...
    So I am confident: the autonomous driving is a way forward and in 2-3 years it will be much safer than average driver, but I want to enjoy the driving process myself.

  • Lucia Coley - 4 years ago

    I don't understand the big deal about how good the autonomous driving is gonna be like yeah it's the future and it's cool or whatever but I feel most people either don't mind or genuinely like driving themselves.

  • Ryan - 4 years ago

    To Michele burton. Everyone has a charger at home. You can manage charge percent from an app. This means every morning your fully charged( fuelled) you only need a charge station if you travel more than 200miles a day. For everyone. Gas station is now your house

  • Tom Smith - 4 years ago

    Charging for long distance trips is a question, but would this car be used for that type of travel?

    My hope is that autonomous driving happens quickly. It will make for safer roads, but will indeed disrupt many industries. TeslaNet seems a perfect opportunity as an extension of Tesla Service Centers. People subscribe to TeslaNet, managed by Tesla Service certified shops.

    As a means of reducing the need for overnight lots for TelsaNet vehicles, subscribers could install a charger at their residence and as daily demand tails off, a vehicle would park at a subscriber's residence to charge. The subscriber would get a reduced subscription fee for offering charging and storage, with the benefit of having a vehicle immediately available for a morning commute.

    So many scenarios possible...

  • Michele burton - 4 years ago

    I'm more concerned about ample charging stations for the number of model 3s about to enter the market than autonomous driving.

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