Can Quinn & Ridge Make It As A Couple?
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  • Judy Greuter - 4 years ago

    I am stunned by Brooke's reaction about Ridge hurting his Dad. I remember when the "ho"broke up Eric and Stephanie' marriage and married Ridge. Now 30 years later she must have forgotten the damages she did to Eric's first marriage. That's why I absolutely hate Brooke. The only Forrester man she hasn't slept with is her son and Thomas. She has ruined every relationship in that family and now she acts like poor little me. I am glad the karma wheel has finally rolled completely around. She is still playing games. Today she was standing there thinking poor pitiful me. Ridge was just doing what he does best. Feedings that huge ego. Nothing new, just a different day. Oh and she looks up and who's standing there BILL. Dollar Bill that is. She immediately steps up and hugs him. Where is her head at. After 30 years she should know by now how both her and Ridge think. They both have egos so big, you would think their heads would blow up. Lastly I say "Once a white , always a white". I f Bill had a brain, he would run backwards from her as fast as possible. Then there's Katie, she lurks around like a snake in the grass. Ready to cause hate and discontent any where she can . She hopes Eric finds out so she can have him herself. She's not fooling anyone. I think Quinn just lives her life on her own terms and no one else on that show has ever done that. Ridge started this mess and I hope him and Brooke both get what is coming to them Lonely old age. I am tired of the show being built around Brooke. After all, she's getting pretty long in the tooth to be the sex pot she thinks she is. Getting pretty wide in the beam and just doesn't cut it anymore. And now Sheffield is following in her Dad's foot steps. She changes men more than she does her underwear. Lliam, then Wyatt. Back and forth. Just like Ridge, Brooke and Bill. The whole show is just getting so predictable. You can miss 6 months and watch it and again the circle jerk continues.

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