Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books, or watch the TV series? (Poll Closed)

  • Many times!
    117 votes

  • I got one or more of my close friends or family members addicted.
    100 votes

  • I've given copies of OUTLANDER to my friends or coworkers.
    30 votes

  • I got my book club to read OUTLANDER.
    2 votes

  • I've recommended OUTLANDER to strangers in the bookstore or library.
    12 votes

  • I've recommended the books on Facebook, Goodreads, or other online sites.
    2 votes

  • I've been spreading the word about the TV series and trying to get people to watch.
    15 votes

  • Of course! I enjoy being an OUTLANDER ambassador.
    26 votes

  • All of the above.
    117 votes

  • I've tried, but so far without success.
    46 votes

  • No, I haven't tried.
    14 votes

  • Other
    6 votes


  • Mariam - 3 years ago

    I started in 2016 my addiction to Outlander. I watched the first season, then the second and since I'm a book lover, I downloaded all 8 volumes from Amazon on my kindle iPad. Now I have added all DG's novel as and the two Oulandish Companions. All existing book clubs started a long time ago, I wanted to join a recent one. I jhave so many question's about Jenny Fraser Murray, I found her selfish, jealous and meddling.

  • Leslie Saari - 3 years ago

    I know at least 30+ people have become hooked on the books/series due to my insistance that it was an awesome book series/ show!!!

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