How many seasons will it take for the Brewers to make it back to the playoffs?


  • Ed Emmitt - 5 years ago

    Until the so called prospects start to play at a major league level this team is nothing more than a AAA team in disguise.
    The pitching staff is a joke filled with little to no MLB front of the rotation pitchers.
    The owner is filling his pockets selling us on a future of wait till tomorrow.Tomorrow never comes. The most exciting thing at Miller Park are the phony sausage races.

  • John Lueck - 5 years ago

    There should be another box for probably nevet!

  • AZpackerfan - 5 years ago

    The reality is, in Milwaukee you have to overpay to have a blue chipper that wants to play there. I love Milwaukee and that is my "home". Until you live and work in a warm climate, you will not see this. Any top prospect will pick a warm market over rust belt cities, unless you overpay for that player.

  • Michael Ajango - 5 years ago

    Playoffs in Milwaukee? Really??? I hear a song playing in the background.... "Somewhere, over the rainbow..."

  • bucks fan - 5 years ago

    With the rating in the farm system being tops in baseball, the Brewers should be back into contention by 2019. Dave Sterns will be known as the Ron Wolfe of Brewers baseball.

  • Admirals fan13 - 5 years ago

    Over/under at 62? Who's over/under is that? Most think we are at least as good as last years team, who won 73. Two years ago the Indians were thought to be a 68 win club, took the step and won 90. They were in the series last season. Most are comparing us in many many ways to them. Another team who took the leap two years ago was Houston. Same story. You two guys can take your Nancy pansy crying someplace else. The crew will win 86 and be in it until the last week or two of the season!

  • larrym32 - 5 years ago

    or later...not much to see here other than a AAA team, maybe.

  • Joe Serflek - 5 years ago

    The over under for wins with this team is 62. It's going to be a long year paying major league ticket prices to watch AA baseball.

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