Grade the Season 7 finale of 'The Walking Dead':


  • Jeff - 3 years ago

    Tedious season after the sadistic first episode. I wish the season had ended up on the editing room floor and we could just pick up with where we were before Negan appeared and move on from there. Enough already!

  • Debbie Gugino - 7 years ago

    Please go back to the old days for The Walking Dead season seven sucked sucked sucked !!!!!

  • Deborah Gugino - 7 years ago

    The worst season very boring so tired of the storylines . What happened all the other seasons were so much better this one really really sucked and now we got a wait for rectal October that's ridiculous I sure the hell hope this time is worth something to wait for . Very very very disappointed you still love the show would look forward to it this season was so bad so bad I miss all the good stuff between our good characters terrible terrible terrible don't know what else to say just sucked

  • patti bittner - 7 years ago

    extremely dissapointed... extremely !!!

  • Ahna - 7 years ago

    As with the previous seasons enjoyed season 7 from beginning to end. Really didn't want Sasha to die, but it was a fitting exit for the character. Hoping for Jadis' departure next season (weird double crossing bitch that she is) & hope Team Rick gets the upper hand on Negan also. Love this show!!

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    I loved the season 7 finale. What's there to complain about. It's a tv show based on a comic series. I can't wait for season 8s twist and turns.

  • Karol - 7 years ago

    The storyline is getting old to much sad soppy stuff. More like days of our lives and less like zombie killing action it started with. Getting full of itself

  • Sheila - 7 years ago

    Ready for Negan and Jadis to die and to move on to a new storyline. I may vomit at the next back bend.

  • Walker Bait - 7 years ago

    By far and away the least fulfilling finale or should I say finally, as in this train wreck of a season is finally over.

  • Zmagee - 7 years ago

    It's crazy how everyone can't understand the prolonging of this epic story...i gave the writers and producers an A+ giving the fact that they creating a story within a story and I love every bit of it...people want everything to always end rather it's time or not. I feel that all the walking dead seasons so far have been awesome and I know theres much more to come.

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Getting bored with Negan. The show needs to move past this battle and on with their lives. This is dragging out a bit too long. Time for the Rick team to win!!

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Getting bored with Negan. The show needs to move past this battle and on with their lives. This is dragging out a bit too long. Time for the Rick team to win!!

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    Why didn't that stupid man -lady die ! And why didn't they let the tigar maul Negan, the show is getting to lame and very weak . It's stupid how easily Negan could be dead but nope the fucker is still alive how sad for the show. This season is not good at all.

  • Heisenberg - 7 years ago

    The battle was the weakest part of tonight's show. Most of the choreography looked amateurish and all of the primary characters miraculously survived the war despite bullets flying from 50 different directions, a ravenous Sasha, Saviors and Scavengers and a tiger.

  • Jason - 7 years ago

    The fight scenes were lame. Almost like a high school play. You're telling me, Mischone can kick ass everywhere she goes, but can't handle a fight with that nobody? Then she's acting like she's dying in bed, over an ass beating? I'm tapping out like I did with FOWD...this season sucked balls.

  • Stephen - 7 years ago

    How long do we let the producers of WD do this to the audience? Do we always come back? Not this time - didn't kill Negan after season long torturous dialogue. The Negan character is past even interesting any more. So many live people left in this little corner of America - there would have to be millions across the globe. Hardly the zombie apocalypse. Just give us some closure with the characters - this was my lady season.

  • Virginia Alberino - 7 years ago

    I really enjoyed the finale.Just wished
    Nagen had died.To bad Sasha had to die.@

    had died. To bad Sasha had to die.

  • Polly Lyles - 7 years ago

    Terrible Finale, Negan should have died. We're disappointed very much. Won't be back for season 8. Fini.

  • Reese - 7 years ago

    One of the best season finales so far

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