What tools do you have that you wish you hadn’t bought?


  • JimInNM - 7 years ago

    Bought a horizontal router table and have never used it.

  • Don - 7 years ago

    My shaper is the most worthless tool I own. With the two routers and a great router table, I never turn the shaper on. It's basically a storage shelf that takes up lots of space in my shop!!
    My second most worthless tool is my radial arm saw. I have a Craftsman 10" model, and try as I might, I can go through the alignment procedure in the manual two times a day, but every time I cut a 1 x 10, the cut is off by 1/2 to 1 degree. Not a great fit for shelving in a fancy bookcase or when roughing out rails and stiles for raised panel doors!!

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    My biggest regret is a miter saw, but not just any miter saw, a particular one that is often advertised for $138.99 from a less-than-stellar tools supplier. It's a 12" dual bevel compound sliding miter saw, and it has great capacity to make cuts.... HOWEVER, accurate cuts are damn near impossible. When at rest, if you have everything true, it looks like your cut is going to be perfect. When you pull the saw down and it changes the bevel by almost a degree, it makes mitering a huge chore. Don't ever buy this POS.

  • Rich - 7 years ago

    S positive pressure ventilation mask. The mask works great but it will not work with glasses which I need to see close up. They will also not work with safety glasses, only a full shield.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Potter Cable dovetail gig. Never used to much to set up correctly. Starting to play with the idea of doing by hand. D. Barron dovetail guide and #372 Japanese saw, practicing.

  • Marty Fredericksen - 7 years ago

    Barrel handled saber saw, I always thought I wanted one but I don't like it at all!

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    Definitely the dovetail jig for the router. Used it once. Put it back in the box, hasn't moved since.

  • Brian Elliot - 7 years ago

    A biscuit joiner. It is a well known quality brand, but joints were too sloppy. Then I discovered the Dowelmax dowelling jig and use it all the time for edge gluing boards, joining cabinets, etc. Dowels are fantastic IF you have a quality jig.

  • jefferson melby - 7 years ago

    I bought a "detail sander" 15 years ago, with adhesive backed, "triangular sandpaper pieces". The thing lacked power and really only vibrated somewhat. The paper peeled off on the edges easily. Junk.

  • Jeff Ferrell - 7 years ago

    Open end drum sander. Useless if you want a flat board with no taper.

  • William Spanfelner - 7 years ago

    A Stanley Honing Guide was so difficult to clamp a blade square in the guide. It didn't matter whether it was a plane blade or chisel

  • Robert - 7 years ago

    Plate jointer aka biscut joiner

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