Are you still rooting for Fitz and Olivia?

  • Bunmi - 4 years ago

    I cried when she broke up with him .To be honest, I WATCH scandal just because of fitz and oliva . It will make sense if the 2 characters come back together in the end of the season. i mean love makes the world go round.

  • Chris Barnes - 4 years ago

    The suspense is good we all hope to see the duo to be together they are meant for each.
    If that does not happen please Jake and Olivia shouldn't be together...

  • Ida pradjonggo - 4 years ago

    I see this movie to see Olivia and fitz being together.
    Pls let them married and happy together

  • Celebrity - 4 years ago

    I watch this show just because of fitz and Olivia.. They have been through enough.. Pls let them end up with each other.. Let Fitz and Olivia be happy ever after..this is what this show worth watching ..that they end up together after everything they both went throug

  • Vickie - 4 years ago

    Please let them go off together and be happy!!!

  • They love each other. Let it happen!

  • Robin Chrostowski - 4 years ago

    They belong together. They are soulmates and have a very deep connection

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