Is Carly Being Too Hard On Sonny?

  • Phyllis - 5 years ago

    Yes! They love each other, however it's ok for her to be mad at Sonny for sleeping with Nelle but at the same time Carly is at her house kissing Jax?? Why??? And that's ok?? NO! What does she see in Jax? Jax started the chain regarding Nelle but obviously Carly forgives Him because she hops in bed with him, that's wrong!

  • Deborah Scarborough Newton - 5 years ago

    Can Any One on the soaps ever stay together and be the stronger survivor other than the
    Quartermanes (Lila & Edward). Carley & Sonny can still be the most powerful people that they are, but
    do it together. I get tired of every time something happens with Sonny, Carley runs to Jax. That
    gets so old fast. Why is it that she has to jump in bed, with Jax ! Grow Up! Now the question is will
    Sonny for give her. how's the betrayer now? Why can't she believe in Sonny, and know when he says
    something it's the gospel. She should know by now ,that he loves her and would do nothing to hurt
    or lie to her. They have been through to much together. Get the story line together. Go Find Morgan,
    and bring him home and , bring Julian, with him. Everyone Know that Sonny Loves his Family and will
    kill anyone who anything that will try to bring harm to them. Instead of Making Michael happy by putting
    them to together, make her a bad girl and cont. to cause problems. Why should she have a happy ending and Sonny has to suffer. Really. let me tell you what should happen next......

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