When it comes to the current state of Georgia athletics, I am...

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  • Jamie Conley - 6 years ago

    Football may be in the rise-that's still a definite maybe. The rest of the programs are middling at best. I love Mark Fox but he needs to be replaced because he has seemingly hit the ceiling of what he can get out of the teams. It is getting no better. Baseball is horrendous. Softball is not great. Even things like gymnastics that have been powerhouses are bad right guy now. The standard for the athletic program needs to be raised. As someone who lives in Alabama I will assure you that there is no fear of UGA here. It is frustrating and it is hard to defend my beloved Dawgs when we continue to find the banana peel year after year, sport after sport. I haven't travelled for a football game in a couple of years after making about 2 a year for a while. My boys are bulldog fans but the pull in this state (Alabama) is hard to fight against when both teams have won Nattys while we wrestle with Nebraska and directional Florida schools in the Average bowl. UGA needs to take a step or better a giant leap forward. Help my children please.

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