Have you ever taken a break from a relationship?

  • S - 10 months ago

    Yes but he fucked someone else while we were on break so it kinda turned us back to square one.

  • AJ - 3 years ago


    You're letting her misuse you. You're letting someone walk all over you. Get away from her and re-evaluate what made you so weak and vulnerable in the first place. It's okay to be weak as long as you look at it and improve on it.

    Could it possibly be that you're highly dependent on her? (Codependent) Normally a person wouldn't allow themselves to be treated like that.


  • CJ - 3 years ago

    I've been with the same girl for 11 years straight ( NEVER cheated on her or anything ), just recently told me that she wants to "take a break" because she wants to have freedom. Now, since this "break" between us, she says that we're not titled to each other ( meaning that we are not labeled as "boyfriend", "girlfriend", yada, yada, yada)! Since then, she has told her colleagues at work that she has no one in her life to help her out ( meanwhile, I'm still in the house paying the rent, cell phone bill, cable bill, AND, a $121.00 monthly Metrocard to travel back and forth!! Now, here's the kicker, she has a colleague at work that she calls her "friend", but in all actuality, she started developing feelings for him!!! Moving forward, all of a sudden, she's constantly texting him, staying up texting him until 4:00 in the morning sometimes, having conversations about sex, and he even went so far as to buy her a sex toy for her birthday!!!! Now, all of a sudden, she invites him to the house while asking me to go spend the night at my Daddy's house so they can just hang out!!! The first time that she asked him to come by was at 12:00 a.m.!! When she told me that he was coming over, she asks me to go and sit in my storage ( mind you, I was in there until damn near 2:00 in the morning)!!! Long story short, if anyone had any common sense at all, someone doing some shit like that is a definite red flag, don't you think?! Also, when he comes by, if her son happens to be up kinda late, she'll try to rush him to go to bed so he doesn't question why he's there or where I went ( I'm his stepfather BTW)!!! She has told me that I could go out and meet someone but the smart side said NO because I think that she'll get over this!!! Am I smart to not go out and try talking to another chick hoping that this'll blow over?!

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