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  • Dean Speir - 6 months ago

    What a bunch of winy little fangirls! Quinn was a terrific character... then he died! Just like terrific people die in real life. If the only reason anyone was watching the series was because of Quinn, then you were missing some excellent writinng and action!

  • Melissa - 2 years ago

    No Quinn - then I'm out.

    You people killed off the strongest character in the show... WTF? As a woman, I have to ask - is this show now being written by only women? Because it now doesn't make a lot of sense! There's all this pathetic 'emotional' drama and female perspective that is really just annoying to watch. You killed off Astrid - another amazing character (the beautiful Nina Hoss who like Friend brought a very high standard to the show), and wrote in pathetic characters like Keane and 'Brett' - the narrative of which was clearly taken from popular culture and social media - and quite frankly is just boring to watch in a show I've paid for! Personally I loved watching the older series which seemed to have more 'grunt' - now it's like watching a convoluted (but well shot) soap drama.
    Rupert Friend, you are so talented, I sincerely look forward to seeing you again on screen and I hope you are offered amazing roles, because you developed an outstanding character and made all the words on the page very real for us all. I wish you only the best x ..... perhaps 007 for you? :)

  • Brian arias - 2 years ago

    You people basically killed off one of the principal reasons that I actually watch the show and liked it it's basically a bob show it's basically about gangsters going after other gangsters in my opinion when you kill your preeminent button then as it were you made it very boring I don't want to do the next season and watch and listen to carry Cry and moan and pissed for 40 minutes about how her kid is in state custody thank you very much producers no offense but this is when you let a little bit too much feminine influence on basically a tough guy show

  • McGowan Patricia - 2 years ago

    Please remove Carrie from this show, her whining voice, long, angry face are so tedious and repetitive. I don't care about her any more. Her child is better off with unselfish foster parents.

  • Carmen - 3 years ago

    SO angry they killed off the best character of the show!

  • Carmen - 3 years ago

    Terrible! Quinn's character was the only reason I stayed watching. He added so much to the storyline. Bad move!!! Won't be watching anymore Homeland now. :-(

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    No Quinn, then I'm out.
    You just lost yet another viewer

  • Norma - 3 years ago

    I don’t care anymore to watch next seasons!! I’m so done with this show! I would have liked to have that kind of bliss for Carrie (with Frannie) AND QUINN at the end of the show finally... I hoped for YEARS since first time I saw Quinn in second season! I’m so p***ed with the writing of this show now, so disappointed with finale – I never was before with any show!! And I liked it the most – because of Carrie, Saul, the twists and turns and the thrill and then for QUINN and the Quarry-thing or at least for a Quinn to overcome his demons especially after beeing gassed and in an injured bidy like that - could gave been great chance of healing mentally (not physically!) and get his own life back again without this darker side to live... Spiritual healing and still beeing capable of so much (he learnt for himself this season!) - that would have been something! And perhaps with a warm-hearted Carry, openinghis heart for him by time... But I’m so out now! Thanks for nothing emotionally satisfying anymore, for all the destroyed hopes and dreams and wishes, thanks for cruelness on and on instead of (his) growth, evolving change and real possibilities for an overwhelming storyline THAT COULD HAVE BEEN, thanks a lot for nothing now but sadness. Not. Bye, Homeland! I hope viewers will give you such a massive let down the next two seasons as you did with us! Can’t be more disappointed. I have no words for this stupidity anymore.

    Greets from Munich,

  • Mariz - 3 years ago

    Disappointed! Quinn died!

  • Jessica Bomba - 3 years ago

    The last episode of Homeland and the casual killing off of its best and most inspiring character Peter Quinn has really disillusioned me as Peter Quinn became the core of this show . Carrie and Saul are interesting too but Quinn and his story NEEDED to be developed further as he is too inspiring and I believe many people relate to him which makes for good viewing numbers if we want to talk figures . One needs to keep the core main characters in this show now as it becomes far far too cheaply sensational to just "kill off a character" like Quinn at this stage . Apart from that , Quinn's death was made trivial ... nobody even filmed his memorial ???! It doesn't make any sense to first make such a character so central to the story and then just kill him off . Max certainly can't replace the charismatic Quinn . They worked well together as part of the core team. I think it is a very disappointing ending ... a Homeland without Peter Quinn , Carrie , Saul or indeed Max just becomes FAR TOO REMOVED from the original . Unless Quinn's death was somehow faked , which would explain the lack of attention regarding Quinn's memorial , I can't imagine wanting to watch any further series as there have been too many changes ... killing off Quinn was too facile and out of character with the quality of ALL the previous series . Quinn's character NEEDED TO LIVE ON AND INSPIRE . It's not good to kill off a character who has survived such ordeals . This killing off Of Quinn is not popular here in the U.K. .

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    I am so confused about Wellington. He is still criticizing Keane and then all of a sudden he is clean shaven and an advisor to the president. Did I miss something?

  • Sandra - 3 years ago

    After greatness season to season
    What was that....cannot believe that ending.
    Will be cancelling Showtime

  • Jillian - 3 years ago

    Alex Gansa & Co: you've got to be kidding! Two seasons of torture porn to Quinn; why did you bother to bring him back after he was so near death last season?! I get to have the wonderful Rupert Friend portray a broken man, one with PTSD...But is this what your character, actor and viewers deserved?! As much as I love Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, along with F Murray Abraham, killing Quinn (and then just tossing his character aside, without even a memorial shown or much talk of him by the other characters) was a disservice to all (unless, of course, he's alive yet again...Jon Snow style). Quinn became the true heart and soul of the show (as Jesse was on Breaking Bad). The finale was convuluted, with very poor writing....That's not to say that I couldn't see you going full soap opera style and having Rupert Friend reemerge, but this time as his own twin brother ((but now British, so Friend could speak in his own accent), as the referred to history professor.

    Without Rupert Friend, I won't be watching anymore.

  • Carol martin - 3 years ago

    Bring Quinn back. Heart of the series.

  • Susan - 3 years ago

    Quinn dead? All season he was in one horrific circumstance after another. I was hoping he would finally catch a break but he ended up dead. Out of all the storylines, we followed Quinn. Not sure we'll watch after this.

  • arlene - 3 years ago

    I am holding onto Quinn, Carrie and maybe Saul having something that was in the works that will actually bring Quinn back. After all he is a Black Ops guy and probably why Carrie didn't speak at his Memorial. I think that maybe even Keane might be in on the plan as she was very grateful that he saved her life and wanted to know his name. Although I was very upset last night with the way the Season Finale went and Quinn supposedly dying 1/2 way through - I too was last year for Season Finale 5. But was so happy Quinn was back for Season 6. It will be a bad mistake on the writers part to eliminate Quinn entirely from storyline. Definitely the best part of the show and the Best Actor. Hope he wins Emmy for Best Lead this year!

  • Cat Schaffer - 3 years ago

    Quinn was the heart of the show...writers should find a way that quinn wasn't killed and restored. Don't bring flashbacks for season 8...that's not giving us quinn!

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Getting a little sick and tired of Carries chin trembling every time she's upset. Liked the Quinn character, gave the show some sort of realism. I don't remember where Quinn had a child and with whom. All in all a little disappointed by the whole season.

  • Sandy Beard - 3 years ago

    I was devastated when they killed Quinn and barely slept as a result. The last time I cried this much was when I watched "Last of the Moahigans". I swear...I felt every bullet that hit was so real!! I may be in denial. but I am hoping they can bring Quinn back, but how? They could pull it off if season 7 starts off with Quinn being jolted awake by Carrie and him screaming....because it was ALL A DREAM!!! Now wouldn't that be awesome or wishful thinking? I fear the latter. The only reason I subscribed to Showtime was because of Quinn. No point in continuing without Quinn!!

  • Deb - 3 years ago

    I will not watch Homeland without Quinn. Not just because he was the heart of the show, but because of the incidental way he died. Quinn deserved better than a brief mention of his memorial. It seemed almost casual. Also sends a depressing message to people living with PTSD: too damaged to be redeemed? Found the finale sad, frantic, and unfulfilling.

  • Deb - 3 years ago

    I will not watch Homeland without Quinn. Not just because he was the heart of the show, but because of the incidental way he died. Quinn deserved better than a brief mention of his memorial. It seemed almost casual. Also sends a depressing message to people living with PTSD: too damaged to be redeemed? Found the finale sad, frantic, and unfulfilling.

  • Karen - 3 years ago

    I feel the same way that probably 90% of Homeland fans do, that the death of Quinn was a huge mistake. I will continue to watch the next season because I also felt the same way when they killed off Brody when Quinn saved the show. A character that I fear will return is the radio personality Brett, who had way too much air time in season 6 much to my annoyance. What is that accent anyway?? If season 7 focuses more on intrigue and espionage and less on family court and radio personalities I think the show, with the addition of a male lead who warrants the same kind of popularity that Brody and Quinn enjoyed in past seasons, will definitely be worth watching.
    Just a thought about bringing a "faked his death" Quinn back. While I would be happy to find out Quinn was back I think the creators of the show would be unlikely to go this route. No matter how many of us wish Quinn hadn't been killed, there would be so many more who would cry foul at any attempt to sell such a plotline.

  • Oz - 3 years ago

    Train wreck of a season. The likable characters are dead, the villian is vague and diffuse, and the new direction is paranoid and uninteresting. Quinn gone, out.

  • siva - 3 years ago

    Guys, maybe they faked Quinn's dead. anyone really though Michael Scofield alive in prison break.????

  • KBauer - 3 years ago

    Hello everyone :
    Trump~is doing the same thing ....

  • KBauer - 3 years ago

    Homeland is very real and the government behind the government exist. People are just blind to what really goes on right outside our doors. Wake up America.
    All characters are great so looking forward to next season.

  • KBauer - 3 years ago

    Homeland is very real and the government behind the government exist. People are just blind to what really goes on right outside our doors. Wake up America.
    All characters are great so looking forward to next season.

  • Pieps Lebreton - 3 years ago

    Quinn dead....bad idea... not planning to watch the next season, I'm done!!!.... good luck

  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Hated that Quinn, the hero of this show, was killed. I didn't enjoy the plot this season and did not like or understand the season finale. Too confusing, fake and it seemed as though it was made up as you went along. This was once such a good show!

  • John - 3 years ago

    Keane now lacks any credibility as a believable character. Her actions in the end simply weren't plausible given that character's development this season. What happened during those six weeks for crying out loud that turned her from Saul and Carrie's most dependable future ally and a deeply sympathetic and strong character you wanted to root for, into their and our worst nightmare? That time period seems to have included far too much important plot development for it be reduced to "Six Weeks Later". And most egregious, killing off Quinn has effectively ended the presence of the most interesting and effective character so far in the series. And Dar Adal's sudden turnaround meant to save the president-elect, in the middle of a phone call nonetheless, when he was a key conspirator in the coup to end her life and presidency, just begs incredulity. This was a total failure of writing and story development, and an absolutely miserable finale for an otherwise well thought out season, and it is most certainly the reason most viewers, including yours truly, won't be back.

  • Dee - 3 years ago

    No Quinn, no Homeland . . . Game over.

  • Rosie - 3 years ago

    No more Homeland. It was my favorite show. Awful finale.

  • Roberto - 3 years ago

    Saul was a no event in this season. He may be there, but the character is pretty much dead.
    They killed Body and now Quinn. Not to mention Astrid and some other.
    This was a very incoherent season.

  • Kevin - 3 years ago

    Is he dead? Perhaps saved and given a new life; after all she did not speak at his memorial?

  • Madeline Sabatello - 3 years ago

    I'm done!!!!! WAS my favorite show........ I will not watch without Quinn. I hope next seasons ratings plumit!

  • Karen Naumann - 3 years ago

    I am very disappointed at the way the finale for this season ended. Carrie is not, as a character, able to hold the lead without a man opposite her. The only strong lead left would be Saul. No possibility for romantice no chemistry fragmented story lines. Will not watch without Quinn.

  • Rosemary - 3 years ago

    Without Quinn, Carrie is all alone. No hope for the show at all...So dark....and the worst part of all, is that Quinn died saving a sociopath like Keane. Carrie and Saul and Quinn spent their whole lives caring for a country that used them and threw them on a trash heap. They each sacrificed so much....for what ???How devastating....Not sure why shows have feel they have to kill off their best characters...Omar on "The Wire", McDreamy on Grey's, Huck on Scandal....Rayna James on Nashville.....Do they really want to lose audiences or do they care ??

  • Lori - 3 years ago

    Let's face it, it's the Clare Daines show. This season was bad. Way too much Carrie drama and disposable characters. Without Quinn it's going to be yawnsville

  • John Jaques - 3 years ago

    Without Quinn the show is over. How stupid is that! He was by far the most entertaining, interesting, likable character. There must be a reason for this insanity.

  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Ditto on Debbie's above comment. Saved Quinn from last season and now murdered him...REALLY! Had trouble all season with the infantile big spy picture which was never coherent. I just hung in there for Quinn's courageous portrayal of a vet with ptsd; sarin gas survivor; cva survivor and absolute patriot. Rupert Friend is so real and dedicated to the roles he plays. Through his research about cva residual; sarin gas exposure; and ptsd he gave a spot on and poignant performance in Homeland. Ever since Season 2 Episode 4 Rupert Friend brought the most interesting character to the show. He's gone and now I'm gone. Total disconnect from Carrie's usual reaction to Quinn in this last episode. Not sure who wrote it but not even believable from C and Q history. Just dropped Hulu Showtime add on and will never sign on for an Alex Gansa script again.

  • Dennis - 3 years ago

    A little disappointing? Quinns death no surprise. Sure was a lot of officials trying on jail jumpsuits for only six weeks on the job. Very dark, a remake of Citizen Kane?

  • lisa brenn - 3 years ago

    Why did they kill off Quinn, he was the best character

  • Kristen - 3 years ago

    I hate that Quinn is dead. I knew it would happen but still so very saddened. I don't know how the show could be great without him

  • Debbie - 3 years ago

    Without Quinn. I will not be watching anymore seasons. What an abuse of the best character!

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