What should replace Wavering Aquatic Center?


  • Dawn Jenkins - 7 years ago

    Just thought I would put it out there the city bus did go out that way cause they dropped me off at vattorott college and if enough people asked for it to be a stop they would have put it on their route cause they take people all the way to denman's linen in the morning and pick up in the evening out there. So please remember this to whatever they use it for next public transportation is always available it just takes time.

  • Miranda bliss - 7 years ago

    Dog park! And keep the kiddie pool for the dogs!! My newf would LOVE to swim

  • Vicki Doebelin - 7 years ago

    There are not enough camp sites in Quincy. Dog park would be second choice. We already have a lot of parks and areas for family gatherings.

  • Jessica - 7 years ago

    I think they should renovate the pool so we can have another pool in Quincy. There are so mant children that love to swim and only 2 pools in the city makes it very overcrowded. Not everyone has the money to purchase a pool for their house. I say renovate it! It would really pay off in the long run! I used to go there all the time when I was a kid!

  • Pamela Burke - 7 years ago

    It bothers me that they didn't have transportation to wavering swimming pool. If transportation can go clear out to pairie crossing but it couldn't go to wavering swimming pool??? I just want to know why. I guess I should be happy we have the 2 pools we do have in Quincy.

  • Pamela Burke - 7 years ago

    We've got enough of everything except a dog park which is badly needed. Come on Quincy vote Yes for the dog park!!!

  • Geri Musick - 7 years ago

    Wavering could have survived as I family pool. It's problem was location. There is no public transportation to this public park and no bike trails along 36th or Locust and it's quite far to walk all the way across town. Most of the homes surrounding the park have their own personal pools. There was a lot bigger swimming area at Wavering and Tiny Tots didn't get splashed plus the added peace of mind with the shut gate between pools that they wouldn't get in over their heads. Transportation Transportation Transportation I've said it when I was younger and it stopped me from being able to go swimming then, I said it when the Park Board was looking for suggestions My children loved the big slide the seperate diving area I would sure like the kiddie pool with my grandson Just No Transportation (except taking a cab) Even if there were Limited Bus Service Open 3 Close would help

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