Which kind of peanut butter do you like better?

  • Kristy - 4 years ago

    Natural creamy peanut butter!

  • Marilyn Myerscough - 4 years ago

    I can eat peanut butter 7 days a week. Yummy for the tummy.

  • Donna Marie - 4 years ago

    Creamy ... but never, ever in a sandwich. As a dip with pretzels in good ... spread on homemade chocolate chip cookies is best!

  • Stephanie Hughes - 4 years ago

    Creamy peanut butter on toast and bread but crunchy peanut butter in cookies .

  • Debbie Tucker - 4 years ago

    I use creamy peanut butter in my baking but my husband likes eating any kind of peanut butter with a spoon!

  • Ginny - 4 years ago

    I could do either. But prefer creamy if I had to choose just one.

  • Laura Hamm - 4 years ago

    I eat peanuts, more than I should, but for some reason ever since I was young crunchy pb makes me nauseous. Crazy I know but hey, thank goodness for creamy!

  • Brenda - 4 years ago

    love peanut butter especially in recipes

  • Wanda - 4 years ago

    Creamy peanut butter on a soda cracker - a good little pick-me-up snack!

  • Rosemary Smith - 4 years ago

    I'm good with either

  • susan Hill - 4 years ago

    Creamy Almond Butter...(no peanuts)

  • EileenC - 4 years ago

    You need an option for "Both!"

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