Dope or Nope


  • Tam Tee - 7 years ago

    Tru is and always have been a humble talented rapper his swag is on point his lyrics go hard and his message is real get at him he is on fire check out that single on ITune truphy"who Can" keep your eye on the prize...


  • Chitchat - 7 years ago

    Fireeeee yesss jig keep going !

  • Jamaur - 7 years ago


  • tDames of The WerkHeads - 7 years ago

    Mz. Crazy Tee always been dope and has our support and she knows that! Somebody, sign her quick!

  • Blakice - 7 years ago

    Crazy Tee been dope. Not just her music, but the way she handles her business and markets herself. Those #bars are just the icing on the cake.

  • Chitchat - 7 years ago

    Crazy tee is ???????????? and she works to stay that way shouts out her !!keep striving!

  • Tru be hollin - 7 years ago

    M bro been fire ???? ???? ???? out here just stay tuned ????????????

  • Diva Ms Rita - 7 years ago

    E tha Monstar is the real deal! Dope for sure! Lit! Cold! Come on Cleveland let's support one of our own! We make stars outta rappers from other cities let's make our own STARS or better MONSTARS!!!!

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Kool kirk is slept on def under rated and one of the better talents to ever touch the music scene. He makes radio quality music and it needs to be heard. This guy needs a deal forreal #salute "koolway

  • Jevon - 7 years ago

    I smell a hater lol smh Derrick

  • Derick - 7 years ago

    Y'all know this is Deniro Banxx not drew banxx smh lol but bro definitely one of the underrated artist in Cleveland I don't know why they don't play bro music on the radio weak ass djs

  • Dre - 7 years ago

    Why this not on the radio? Better side ????????????

  • Christian - 7 years ago

    My nigga Drew Banxx come hard every time! Fuck with him I promise he up next #BLF

  • Zachery - 7 years ago

    Man turn up bro show the city true talent man u up next????????????????????????????

  • Zachery - 7 years ago

    Man turn up bro show the city true talent man u up next????????????????????????????

  • DeWayne - 7 years ago

    Definitely dope! You can tell this guy has a big passion for music!

  • Djay - 7 years ago

    Most definitely one of the best songs I've heard in a while ..the Video was well put together ! Keep doing your thing.

  • Evan - 7 years ago

    Keep doing your thing Drew. I already know you up next bro..????????????

  • Ash - 7 years ago

    Better Side def a great song Drew Banks is a talented young man an upcoming artist and I'm glad I know him everyone should be supporting this artist you'd be mad if you don't. BETTER SIDE LISTEN TO IT

  • Nette - 7 years ago

    Def DOPE ????????❤️ Keep doing your thing!!

  • Tee - 7 years ago

    Ayyyeee!!! DEFINITELY DOPE!!!

  • Andrea - 7 years ago

    Definitely been dope before anyone noticed! His lyrical advantages has brought him a long way, and we definitely should look for more of #KoolKirk....

  • F5VE - 7 years ago

    Sul! I see you bro! Keep doing your thing

  • Jean - 7 years ago

    Keep it going, getting better and better

  • Will - 7 years ago

    Cuz u next homirle

  • Zaediosa - 7 years ago

    #RebelNation #BlessUpBlessUp

  • Loud Lee La'Flare - 7 years ago

    Extremely DOPE !!!! #RebelNation

  • Jill - 7 years ago

    #BlessUp! ⚡️

  • Dae - 7 years ago


  • Chris - 7 years ago

    Bless UP

  • Mimi - 7 years ago

    I'm so proud of my cousin n his friends this song is definitely????????????????

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