The Buick Regal TourX Is...

  • Andrew - 2 years ago

    Get that plastic crap off of it, and don’t jack it up, and I’m in. Why can’t we get it like the rest of the world? I rented one in Europe and it was a smooth riding efficient wagon. Buick will not win over any Subaru buyers but will lose more of us that want a sporty wagon CAR.

  • Dick Russ - 3 years ago

    If they remove the ugly plastic trim I'll be one of the first to buy one. The Opel wagon is just beautiful. Why mess up something with plastic trim when you don't need it

  • Bob Kantin - 3 years ago

    Great design, yet if only offered with a turbo 4-cylinder it will not be too sporty. Pretty heavy car, 4,200 lbs. , for a small engine. What about a naturally aspirated V6 at 300+ hp?

  • Salvatore Quattrocchi - 3 years ago


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