Do you believe in God?

Posted 2 years.


  • Marion Pickett - 2 years ago

    No i don't believein god or the bible u tell me how i should live my life but do just the reverse then judge me i will stick with darwin

  • Michael Callan - 2 years ago

    I absolutly believe. In these trying times, often my faith is what keeps me going. On a daily basis i look around at our world and i think to myself, look at all of this. From the beautiful mountains here in north Georgia, to the driest desert. God gave us a wonderful amazing world, as i sit on my front porch writing this, there is a light fog layer on the ground and three whitetail deer over by the treeline. How can anyone look at this and think that it was all just some cosmic accident? The world is beautiful, God is good, and my faith is stronger than ever. May He bless you all and have a great day!

  • Page - 2 years ago

    I absolutely believe. Haven't seen heaven persay. But I had a near death at the age of 27 and Jesus was behind me on my right holding my soul up and my grandfather was on my left side as I watched my body being carried away. To make a long story short I know who I saw and what I heard. I'm human and there's days I have a ton of questions even after having more proof then most.. And I reflect on that moment and am reminded. I thank God every day that that happened to me. I wish for everyone to know for a fact. But unless you go through something like this I understand the skepticism ... God is my only father.. ps. I don't do church anymore .. I prefer a more one on on with him..

  • Bonnie Grant - 2 years ago

    Religion is man made. God is faith. Do you know that satan believes in God also.

  • rachel - 2 years ago

    when someone can explain how a non- human got Mary pregnant, i will believe. ...

  • Pam - 2 years ago

    Absolutely Thank you Jesus.

  • Theresa Valent - 2 years ago

    God is real! Religion is run by man and imperfect. Trust in God and the Bible, not necessarily religion.

  • Susan - 2 years ago

    I pray when I'm alone in my car. Church occurs about 4 times a week, when I visit my parents. Christ died so that mankind could be saved. He did not die for the righteous, his sacrifice was for the sinners.....All of us. God has shown himself to me many times. All I do is ask and the proof is shown time and time again....I look forward to the return of Christ as all will be perfect then. Amen.

  • Roseann - 2 years ago

    Yes I believe in God, but it's true that most all wars and many horrible things have been in the name of religion. Misguided people or just evil? I'm not sure. Your polls will never make much sense because mostly "like" thinking non-liberals subscribe to your page.

  • Patty Fulk - 2 years ago

    Just A Little Talk With Jesus
    I once was lost in sin but Jesus took me in
    And then a little light from heaven filled my soul
    It bathed my heart in love and it wrote my name above
    And just a little talk with my Jesus made me whole

  • Angela - 2 years ago

    If not for our good and gracious Lord you would not be here to pose this question DML. And we wouldn't be here to respond. Nothing more to add than that except..God bless you, Miss Mary and your beautiful family.

  • Linda Slaughter Wood - 2 years ago

    Yes, I believe in God but the problem is the churches. Preachers don't preach the Bible. They sugar coat everything. They are all about bringing in big bucks and building enormous buildings not in saving souls.

  • Laurie Thompson - 2 years ago

    There is a God. I died twice during a massicve heart attack. I saw lights, big shiny lights and as i got closer it was angels holding big harps. The harps were so shiny they just looked like lights from tge distance . The feeling was undescribable. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was on my way. A calm and peace unrelated to any calm or peace in this world. God bless you, all

  • Sandra McCauley - 2 years ago

    I most definitely believe in God, however I have stop attending Church because of false prophets. Although the Bible tell us toforsake notassembling ourselves together, I cannot stand to watch hypocrisy inside the Church. Today, the ministers are deliberately misquoting the scriptures to mislead the flock. In addition, alot of Preachers are Pastors and Reverends are solely inside the Church for the money. Nevertheless, I still love God because He has been good tome and my family.

  • Diane Pike - 2 years ago

    Yes..I most certainly Believe and LOVE God and his son Jesus...I also feel one doesn't NEED to be in a church to connect with the Holy Father and the Spirit...All you need is Faith in knowing ANYWHERE..ANYTIME..Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE..All you have to do is close your eyes.. and call out His name...HE is ALWAYS with you...This I FEEL Deep in MY Soul...I hope you experience HIM...I know I HAVE

  • Diane Pike - 2 years ago

    Yes..I most certainly Believe and LOVE God and his son Jesus...I also feel one doesn't NEED to be in a church to connect with the Holy Father and the Spirit...All you need is Faith in knowing ANYWHERE..ANYTIME..Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE..All lol you have to do is close your eyes.. (not even that!) and call out His name...HE is ALWAYS with you...This I FEEL Deep in MY Soul...I hope you enjoy peri experience HIM...I know I HAVE

  • Cheryl Poland - 2 years ago

    God says that where ever two or more are gathered in my name you are in my house. I don't have to be sitting in a pew at a church to be in God's house. However, I do occasionally attend church for special occasions or when I feel Gods ushering to be there for a message he is delivering that I need to hear. When you have a relationship with God he opens your mind and many doors to go through on your journey to be one with the Lord. Once God's presence takes over you see things through his eyes, through his voice and his presence within you. That is why so many are warning others of what is taking place and what is yet to come. The anti-Christ is in full force and if you can't identify the signs then I suggest you get to church, talk to others who understand God's word so that you to can be enlightened.

  • Lisa Lewandowski - 2 years ago

    I do think people believe in something bigger which is God the problem is people don't believe in the church.

  • Viola Latimer - 2 years ago

    When God spoke of the temple of God he wasn't talking about the building...he was referring to each person's body. Keep it holy. Church and individual religions has become a money scheme. Look at all these mega-churches and all these mansions ministers now live in. They don't serve the needy. They don't house the homeless. I would rather take my chances and have faith over religion.

  • Elizabeth - 2 years ago

    Matt 6:56
    And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

  • CJ - 2 years ago

    Jim, go see the movie, A Case For Christ. It's a movie about a former atheist that did research to prove God didn't exist. There he provided proof of the facts and that He does exist. I challenge you to see for yourself. What do you have to lose?

  • Sheilah - 2 years ago

    I KNOW so . Jehovah

  • Brenda - 2 years ago

    I believe in GOD, but after the church that I grew up in and met and married my husband and our children went to closed I just couldn't find a church that made me feel welcomed. Churches are just different not at all like when I was growing up. Haven't been in a church for 10 years now, but it doesn't change anything because I can talk to GOD anytime or anyplace because he is EVERYWHERE.

  • terri conger - 2 years ago

    Yes, I believe i the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    For the comments regarding church, it is not a requirement to go to church in order to believe in God. Churches have become political tools, some more than others. Did Jesus tell his followers that they needed to go to church on the Sabbath, no he preached wherever he was at the time, to whoever was there. We can believe in God, and pray to him at any time, any place. If you enjoy the fellowship your church offers, then by all means go to it. If the presence of hypocrites bothers you, it may be a message to find another church, but ultimately, you are not there for them.

  • Debra Gosnell - 2 years ago

    I believe in God my Heavenly Father. I believe He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to come to this earth and die on the cross as the unblemished lamb for my sins. He rose again on the 3rd day and had victory over death that I may one day live eternally in heaven.

  • Donna Bohannon - 2 years ago

    I agree Rebecca!!! Whenever I would find a church that the Preacher could bring Gods presence into the house with his words, certain members would always try and get into your personal business and JUDGE how you live or condemn you for not being in the house of the Lord for every sermon. I am a true believer of My God!!! Only HE can judge and persecute me!!! I know HE is with me every second of the day! I believe in only the word of God!!!

  • Chelie - 2 years ago

    There IS a God. I know this not because of books nor because people tell me. I know this because I am in a personal relationship with HIM. It was a long road for me as a nonbeliever to get here. But, I can tell you that I will never go back to those dark days of unawareness. Being in relationship with Him doesn't make your life all roses and sunshine. It also doesn't make you a perfect human being. But, it WILL change how you relate and respond to life and others. My prayer is for anyone who doesn't believe to look not to people as they will surely let you down. But open your heart and soul to HIM. Pray for him to come into your heart and your life. Sing praises to Him. The time is drawing near and it has never been more urgent than right now to pick a side. It IS literally a matter of life and death. Jesus IS the difference maker. God bless and if you don't have a church home or don't feel comfortable attending services, please feel free to join us live online every Sunday at 9 and 1045 am CST at God loves you and wants to share life with you. Seek HIM and you will find him. I can tell you that, for me, life without him was a constant struggle and downright dismal. Now, with Him, I have hope. It is amazing. Thank God!

  • Kitty - 2 years ago

    Absolutely, I voted yes, however it took several tries as it kept flipping my vote to no as I went to submit??? I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and I believe every Word of the Bible..I am ready, are you...

  • Linda H - 2 years ago

    Without God, I would have nothing to look forward to, people say, "who wants to go to church with a bunch of hypocrites, I would rather go to church with them, than go to hell with them", for thosr that believe in God but won't go to church, that's a cop out,plain and simple, you are just lazy and if you're honest don't want the structure that church will give to your. Lives.

  • Mary Jane - 2 years ago

    It seems that every "church" has drama. The church is full of imperfect humans, including the teacher / pastor. To believe "in" God is one thing, trusting in His shed blood, for us is another. Scripture tells us " many are called but few are chosen".

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    God doesn't exist. The invisible man? Really? God may exist in a person's mind only to bring comfort or something. Or they can't handle the reality of when you die, you die.....

  • cirsten weldon - 2 years ago

    My God is a living God >not one that is in the ground like Mohammed or Buddah

  • Lisa - 2 years ago

    Never went to Church too many hypocrites ! Broke my back and found a bible study on tv Sheperds Chapel and finally it clicked ! I never could understand the KJV Bible ! But Paster Murray opened my eyes ! Now I tend a bible study church of maybe 14 ppl who drive hours to study like Paster Murray ! Thank God !

  • Sherri - 2 years ago

    John 14:1-4
    “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. 2 In My Father’s house are many mansions;[a] if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.[b] 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. 4 And where I go you know, and the way you know.”

  • Linda - 2 years ago

    I believe God is very real ... we lose faith in each other, more often than not.
    There are opposing forces deep in everything currently and now more than ever technology has a way to not only bring us together but to also make us aware of just how much this divide is in the world. It's not just good vs evil, but hidden agendas that we cannot identify with that make us have so much pause for concern. The average person wants to live a good life but we are overwhelmed with so much of the agendas of others that it drives us away from things like even church where instead of getting gods words we get agendas that interfere with what we really want and need in our lives. I find myself even, having a personal relationship rather than a social relationship with god.

  • Rebecca Faussett - 2 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY!!! People praise GOD in many ways, I choose to read the Bible and pray in the sanctuary of my home. I have always love going to church, I was raised in church my late father was a minister in his own Baptist Church and those were the best times of my life!!! Now that he's passed I have been to several churches and just decided to worship at home. When I read my Bible I can take my own purspective of what I've read instead of going to church and believing what others want me to believe.

  • tinahendrix - 2 years ago

    You dont have to GO to church to believe in God. I myself dont like the drama and little clicks that are in mant churches.. I have gone to so many looking for a church that has members whom are there for worship and not judgemental. Most do not practice what they preach

  • Bonnie Zimmerman - 2 years ago

    Steadfastly believe in God just not the churches

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