Who will prevail in the Bucks-Raptors playoff series?

  • Bucks fan - 5 years ago

    The bucks are not good enouhu to take 2 out of three from Toronto with two of the games on the road. They had to win game 4 and they didn't. Even if the bucks win tonight, they will lose game 6 at home like they did against Atlanta in 2010.

  • Matthew - 5 years ago

    Raptors are going to win in 7

  • Rory - 5 years ago

    Toronto has figured out how to slow down the Bucks. The Bucks give up too many easy buckets and don't enough of for themselves. Relatively close games, however, Bucks will lose the series.

  • Don - 5 years ago

    Gianna's and Middleton are the key players,they have to outplay Rosen and Lowery.

  • larrym32 - 5 years ago

    home court advantage

  • terry - 5 years ago

    Greek Freak trying in game four to go end to end of court with ball turnovers and bad shots. He can not carry the team on his own he is very good player but he is not Curry, James or Westbrook Bucks need five guys all in the game at once as the are no super stars.

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    The Bucks are incapable of playing tight defense twice in the same series. Last game on offense, it was too much senseless dribbling and one on one play, and then when guys like Middleton get in a bind you can always count on them to throw a stupid cross court pass that gets easily picked off. You'd think that people that have been playing the game as long as they have would know enough not to pull a bone head play that results in turnovers. And of course, they have a coach that sits on his hands looking clueless.

    Did I forget to mention this team chokes at the foul line every time they need to come through.

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    The Bucks have to continue to play good defense, stop the turnovers and make those darn free throws. If they can do all three, they'll probably win the series.

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