Which 21st century chorus is the best?


  • Nom - 5 years ago

    I love britney, Oops is a great song, but i am sorry britney is nothing without autotune and robotic effect. Lady Gaga deserves it.

  • luis Lavigne - 6 years ago

    Mi Britmey tiene q ganarrrr...
    Vamos ARMY's...

  • B-ARMY ♥ - 6 years ago

    Oops... I Did It Again!
    Bad romance is... yeah, bad.

  • Gabriel - 6 years ago

    It has to be Britney coz her is a legend, when Britney come out with the song "Oops..." lady gaga was singing in bar's or clubs.. So Britney has to be..i love lady gaga but Britney deserve it.

  • Ari - 6 years ago

    Gaga de deserves win cuz Bad Romance its a iconic song!!!

  • Caio Oliveira - 6 years ago

    Bad Romance Iconic ♥

  • Artur - 6 years ago

    Everyone has your own opinion, just respect it!

  • Kevin - 6 years ago

    Bad Romance The most iconic song

  • Mane Lopez - 6 years ago

    Lady Gaga debe Ganar, osea!! Ella es Genial! Bad Romance ???????????? ????????
    Queen Gaga!! ???????? I LOVE GAGA!!! ????????✋???? Gaga Winner!! ????????????❤

  • Mill - 6 years ago

    Dear Anik.. shut the fuck up. And there is no use in defending that talentlees woman

  • Emil - 6 years ago

    Katy who? Bitch ahe can't sing ???????? tell her to perform a compilation of The Sound of Music and a Jazz duet with Tony Bennett and the croed is going to boo her less than a minute. Gaga is lacking on the charts but Katy is lacking talent ????????. Dear Anik... dream on. Katy would never be as talented as Gaga ????

  • Cathy - 6 years ago

    Aww I love the fact that the most iconic artist (singer, dancer, songwriter, etc.+++) Lady Gaga is winning this pool!!! Definitely Bad Romance is one of the greatest and most iconic songs of all time even before christ was born. It has the MOST iconic chorus, it had the most nominations at the MTV VMAs and it's the most iconic choreography ever!. BAD ROMANCE deserves it!. Praise Gaga and shut your mouths talking about other characters that don't have a grammy or an iconic single.

  • Little Monster - 6 years ago

    The only winner and most talented singer from all is Lady Gaga!!!!! ????????????❤???? Katy who? The "singer" that can't even sing? Gaga deserves best chorus, because Bad Romance is so iconic rather than Teenage Dream ???????? and by the way, Gaga isn't making music for charts like poor Katy does ????

  • Diana - 6 years ago

    Oops!...I did it again❤Amazing chorus.Queen Britney????

  • Anik - 6 years ago

    TEENAGE DREAM ofc. Gaga who? She's been slayed by katy after 2012. It'd be better if monsters would be able to help their idol on charts rather than hacking these silly polls LMAO

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