How would you grade the Yankees' offseason?

  • WILLIAM MILELLA - 5 years ago

    Good for the mild "stirring" effort made by management. The tepid front office seems to be breathing and alive. Have they done enough in the Yankee 'revitalizing tradition'...??? Hard to tell. We'll know soon enough.

  • Joe Cherichella - 5 years ago

    I liked most of what Cashman did last year., but a starting pitcher or two would have been nice. And losing Miller was hard lets see how all the prospects turn out. I'm not that happy with the low cost additions, and the veteran minor league pickups, just a waste of money which could of gone toward much needed arms.

  • Michael J Pisani - 5 years ago

    The betances handling was poor and to suggest that a good 7th/8th inning guy is less valuable was disappointing. This is not the time to nitpick the Yankees are about to hit the ground running.

  • Mike Mike - 5 years ago

    When Girardi has good teams they win
    When he doesnt they dont. Its that simple.He's a very good manager and won the World Series in 2009

  • Rick Pernell - 5 years ago

    I see no value in Gerardi. He hasn't won anything and has very limited playoff experience. Once the starting pitching has been solidified, Gerardi will need to be replaced with a more savvy field general.

  • Jim Dianni - 5 years ago

    When the Steinbrenner kids and "Curly"Levine stay out of his way, Cashman is one of the top GM's in the game. The Yankees are maybe one or two starting pitchers away from being back on top...kind of like 1975-1976. Let's hope Jeter and Jeb keep their mitts off Cashman and Gerardi.

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