When should 'Scandal' end?

  • Vera - 1 year ago

    The end was a real let down, we should watched Olivia and Fritz living in Vermont with 1or2 kids after all they went thru all 7 seasons we needed season 8

  • Bk Billy - 4 years ago

    Every show goes through this as the article mentioned. The plot just changes around to different people. While some good points were made about blah blah how many times this or that with the story line. As I said before all shows do this. All they need to do is get more creative. Case in point empire is the same it's about who will run the empire over and over and over. Scandal can survive something else is up they are not sharing .... Trust me.. someone wanted more money or got offers elsewhere. It's not the storyline it's the actors ....hint hint

  • Leanna - 4 years ago

    Scandal is everything.

  • Shelove - 4 years ago

    I hope it's not the end of the show,I hope Olivia and the former president get married and have baby ???? in the new season.i'm getting bored on Thursday night.don't let me hang in there.

  • Shelove - 4 years ago

    I woke up it's not the end of the show,I love Olivia.

  • Patricia Peccorelli - 4 years ago

    Love this show and the political drama it has portrayed nit ready for it to end

  • Ros - 4 years ago

    I think season 7 should see the demise of Olivia...shes turned over each season to be a horrible person, very manipulative only does something if she gets something from it. I used to like her...now I don't

  • Michelle - 4 years ago

    Ms. Rhimes please don't leave us hanging the last episode ever of Scandal guessing what happened to each character. I would love to see Fitz And Olivia be together but i don't think it will happen just because that's what everyone want's so please just make it make sense. Thank you in advance

  • Marcia - 4 years ago

    Scandal is getting yo close to everyday of the political world on usa; the=fore shut it down. I think we should see how the writers comell I hope we are not left hanging

  • TL - 4 years ago

    The criminal takeover episodes were WOW. Look forward to Thursday nights.
    Greys Scandal Catch
    Like to see Catch stay on too

  • Alicia Bell - 4 years ago

    I love this show...Please do not end it. I learn so much from this show. I am going back to school to be a lawyer.

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