Should fines for littering go up from £75 to £150

  • David Snowden - 4 years ago

    I would like to see a difference for littering - such as dropping paper, chewing gum, cigarette packets, etc - and fly tipping. "Littering" fines of £75 or £150 are not too significant, but a fine of £500, even £1000, for fly tipping (+ costs for cleanup) would have a greater impact. Although there may be difficulties in defining the boundary between littering and fly tipping, it must have been done somewhere and the effect measured.

  • Paul Stone - 4 years ago

    We have to reduce littering to reduce the cost of clearing it up. It needs a £150 fine to encourage people not to litter. HCC tips should not charge for the dumping of any type of rubbish to prevent increase in fly tipping. I also would like to see owners of vehicles being traced via registration numbers & be responsible for any person in their vehicle depositing litter from their vehicle.

  • Jean Reynolds - 4 years ago

    It wasn't an option but I would settle for a fine of £100. - a deterrent but not so prohibitive that people might end up in court if they couldn't raise £150. I certainly think it is crazy charging for household waste st the re-cycling centres. I'm not sure what is classified as household waste but was told recently of someone being charged for two very small items. This will not encourage responsible disposal

  • Mary Boyd - 4 years ago

    I agree with Coucillor Shepherd that there should be no charge for disposal of household waste at HCC recycling centres. I am worried that such charges would lead to an increase in criminal fly-tipping. The Council already has to spend on clearing illegally dumped material and I don't think that charging law abiding people to dispose of their waste responsibly is the way to go. I would also like to be able to recycle more of my household waste than is currently permitted, for example plastics with the recycling number 5.

  • W Roberts - 4 years ago

    £ 75 is a reasonable fine for littering. To increase it would be another way of local authorities to increase income. There have been several incidents of over zealous public officials pursuing people for trivial offences.

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