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Should the Packers have released running backs Don Jackson and Christine Michael?


  • Packer backer - 5 years ago

    Michael Jackson had as good a chance of making the roster as I do. They were a couple of street free agents.

  • Dave Wottle 72 - 5 years ago

    One option for the poll should have been keeping one or the other. Jackson was an appropriate cut, while Michael showed well last year, had a spectacular 44 yd run against the Bears and had excellent moves. He should have at least been kept aboard through pre-season. Now you have an out of place running back in Monty and 3 unproven rookies - not optimal.

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    Running backs that are nothing special are a dime a dozen. There are only a few exceptional running backs now and in the history of the NFL. Why hang onto a back that is average on a good day. Give another unproven guy a chance to show he's more than just average.

  • Dobie - 5 years ago

    I agree with letting them go assuming we have a plan other than Montgomery and 3 rookies. We need to sign LeGarrette Blount!

  • Lawrence Muehrer - 5 years ago

    my opinion, leave them in pre-season mix. McCathy and Thompson know better than joe fan...NFL is whole different level than what public knows. if they're not roster worthy, they'll be cut and not make regular season roster. Pack is searching for next squality back(s) and need to sort out what's avilable....play-off coach and gm understand more than we do; we're spoiled....SB or bust is all we look for here...look at the Chargers...hey, maybe we'll get near the play-offs wver 10 yrs.

  • Bucks fan - 5 years ago

    Yes. Michael Jackson were a couple of slow stiffs.

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