Should there be free camping in Nyngan?

Posted 2 years.


  • Alby - 2 years ago

    Free camping should be allowed but without the supply of power and water, travellers who are self sufficient need places to stop and for those who require power and water they can go to the parks and pay for it. This way the town isn't paying for the travellers and the parks aren't disadvantaged either.

  • Leister - 2 years ago

    Free camp Is good away from Towns/City Areas. But who pays the power bill if camera are booking up illegally. We have stopped overnight in this town at the park in town. The group D's were covered with rain water however the overnight stay was good and the price was ok. We supported the town during our stay. You want free camps use your own power

  • Jean - 2 years ago

    I believe that the people who will free camp will not go to a caravan park anyway...They will always move on to a town where they can free camp so Nyngan will lose all those tourist dollars spent on food and fuel etc to the next town who DOES provide Free Camping with power, toilets and maybe even showers (at a cost)...
    The person who wishes to free camp is not the type of person who prefers a caravan park..the park owners need to understand that and either offer a cheaper alternative or allow council to do it...

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