What overall grade would you give the Bucks for this season?


  • Bucks fan - 5 years ago

    I thought the team was solid. Much improved over last season. Greg Monroe was very solid off the bench. The Parker injury was the low point of the season. The Greek freak was great. He has to develop a middle range jump shoot like demar derosen has, before he becomes an unstoppable player. Kriss middleton looked very mediocre. Worst in the playoffs. Totally disappeared in games 4 and 5. The free agents were ok. Beasley was decent when he played until he got hurt. Televic was aweful. Delladova was delladova. He's too slow to be more than a back up type lunch and pail kind of player. He did add some grit. Jason terry was stunningly good. All in all, the bucks were not as fun to watch once the Dunka man Parker went down. And they didn't have his scoring to get past Toronto, a team that will be swept by Cleveland. The bucks would have put up more of a fight vs the cavs.

  • Lawrence Muehrer - 5 years ago

    green and growing...would have hated to have a couple of the nimrods below have their grades count on me. Progress from past years; 6th seed....only 1 team ends up a total winner. B for sure....there's only a few guys like Llebron, and we have one of the developing players in Ante....Been a fan since they came ...last many yrs just rooting for the green(or purple) laundry....am looking forward to next year for sure....and here in Oshburg we'
    ll have GPII on the Lakeflies....

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    They are young, and despite another injury to Jabari Parker (see D Rose last 5 seasons), did battle to get in the playoffs. Bucks being in a small market cannot compete at an Elite level; they can't pay large salaries. The won't go anywhere until Lebron retires in 5 years, whom the NBA and the refs allow to get in the Finals every year due to ratings and greed. I won't be watching.

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    The poll doesn't allow for + or -. I rate them a C-. How could as many people actually give them a B as did. Remember, we're rating what they actually accomplished, not their potential, and from where I sit, they didn't accomplish much more than they have in the last decade.

  • Dale - 5 years ago

    The Bucks surprise me this season ,after losing Middleton for the first 50 games then losing Parker for the remainder of seasons.They made the playoff after a dreadful January & February.In March things turn around for this young team.The Bucks just need a little adjustment by moving Henson to Denver for one of there young wings player.Resign Snell & Beasley.Maker hit the weight room and get Parker back healthy.Draft a point guard and Giannis working on his jumper.They could win 50 games next season.

  • Alex Lassie - 5 years ago

    Once again, lots of hype... 500 season and knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. Considering the immense resources of ownership, attendance ranked near the bottom of the league... even more surprising considering the team gave away 4,000-5,000 free tickets on average per game. The organization wants to be so relavent in the local market and state but has a long way to go... in the final analysis, it's all about the Packers, Brewers and Badgers.

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