Battle Creek Central G.O.A.T - Who is the Greatest Of All Time in Battle Creek Central baseball?

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  • Calvin Bradley - 3 years ago

    l played with Popovich brothers from little league thru high school they were good players but I have a problem with this list because it didn't include guys like Bob James Andy Howlett John Lee Jones and Ronnie Mcgee.

  • Tim Gaines - 3 years ago

    Carl Angelo, for sure! Nick Popovich and Ken Hamlin are my second two picks. I don't even know who Tim Krugh is, and have lived here all my life.

  • Mike - 3 years ago

    After all it is the best at battle creek central. Not best at glen oaks or best to go pro . look at the numbers from BCC.

  • Get your facts straight - 3 years ago

    Why are you picking on one guy this is just for fun and if you can read he did to play college ball

  • Joe Lussier - 3 years ago

    Tim Krugh didn't even play college ball, and he's got more votes than Ken Hamlin, and Nick Popovich??? What a joke!

  • Willy Ballgame - 3 years ago

    Waaaaay before my time.....but there's only one guy on this list that played in the Big Leagues!

  • BCC BASEBALL FAN - 3 years ago

    Congratulations to everyone of these players. What a great accomplishment. There is so many people in this town who would of loved to be on this list. So please let's not put anyone else down and let's just celebrate their accomplishments.

  • Bad grandpa - 3 years ago

    I believe that we are old enough not to make a big deal out of this situation if you are that upset about Tim getting more votes your a fucked up man. Grow up because you don't seem to have done that and get your undies out of a knot because your a grumpy old creeper. Haha ????????

  • Tim krugh - 3 years ago

    I agree it's not fair how it's set up. I can't control how others are voting. I did vote 10 times once for everyone. This all is for fun no prizes to be won. High school is long gone. I had my reasons for quiting baseball and it had nothing to do with not having scholarship offers. I have nothing but respect for all the people here and who have put on a bearcat jersey.

  • Kazzi Tupper - 3 years ago

    Without question, John Holmes! Without question!

  • John Holmes - 3 years ago

    It would be a lot more accurate if each person could only vote once. You've got Tim Krugh voting over and over for himself. This is not an accurate poll, because of that. Tim Krugh wasn't a bad player by any means, but you've got a good five guys or more on here who were unquestionably better.

  • Tim krugh - 3 years ago

    Every player on this list was a great player. I think all 10 are deserving of being called the best.

  • Bill Hunt - 3 years ago

    Nick Popovich was the best right hand hitter to come out of the state of Michigan and the best offensive player all around. He also played behind Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt (two of the greatest players of all time).

  • Garry brown - 3 years ago

    Nick popovich went the furthest in pro ball and had the best minor league by far and was the most impressive hitter this city has ever seen

  • Justin Botticelli - 3 years ago

    This isn't even close, Carl Angelo without question.

  • Betty Angelo - 3 years ago

    Carl has done more for baseball in B.C.than any other player--whether playing or promoting the sport.

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