Singapore has added LED strips to some pedestrian crossings as a trial, following other countries' example. Do you think this is a good idea?

  • Hai Yin - 4 years ago

    Walking on the street without staring at the mobile phone helps promote road safety for all uers. All pedestrians should be responsible for their own and other road user's safety by paying attention to the situation on the street. The new technology of installing lighting on the ground is claimed to serve the purpose of reminding those on the phone to start crossing, but at the same time i think it will encourge negative behaviour as more people will take out their phone while waiting and possibly continue to stare at the phone when crossing. I believe the new facility does not promote positive road behaviour, and it is not cheap. I think that money would be more meaningfully spent in helping road users with disabilities, the elderly or the children, or helping to promote general road safety for all. This new facility doesnt seem to retify any problem, but i do see the potential of it causing more accidents.

  • Tan Meng Wee - 4 years ago

    Does not seem to make sense for people to be looking at the ground before crossing the road, when they should be paying attention​ to the road and the surroundings.

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