What is/was your favorite thing about your mom?

  • Sharon M - 4 years ago

    Hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!

  • Sandi - 4 years ago

    Her creativity and work ethic. If you're going to bother doing it, do it right! She can sew, decorate cakes, bring life to anything that grows outdoors, and in her 60's, she and my dad built an addition to their house by themselves! I learned the work ethic part, but the creative gene just skipped right over me.

  • Andrea Sheaffer - 4 years ago

    We are spending time with our dearest friend who is visiting this week and brunch on Mother's Day!

  • Susan Melton - 4 years ago

    my mom worked hard all her life i miss her so much but she is at home in heaven proverbs 31 fit her to a tee

  • Cindy Z - 4 years ago

    My mother has 4 daughters. We are all fortunate to live within 5 miles of my parents (with the exception of 1 of our sisters). I've had the privilege of living next door to my mom for over 16 years (was my husband's idea believe it or not!). My siblings and I keep her (and my dad) plenty busy with all the goings on in our lives. Not much time to be stagnant which is probably why everyone is shocked when they learn she's almost 80. What?? Thanks for all you do for your entire family , Mom. You are a fine, humble Christian example for us all. We love you , Mom!

  • Diana - 4 years ago

    My Mom is still with me but does not always remember me as her daughter. She has dementia. She was a great mom and grandmother. Sometimes I have to remind her of all the wonderful ways she took care of me and my children. She has always been the person trying to help someone else, I tell her now it is our turn to help her and take care of her. She was a wonderful role model and now I try to be that same kind of mom to my children.

  • michelet - 4 years ago

    MIss my mom very much but have been blesses with a grand daughter that looks just like her......

  • michelet - 4 years ago

    MIss my mom very much but have been blesses with a grand daughter that looks just like her......

  • ANN TAYLOR - 4 years ago

    my mom was very ill most of her life, but she never burdened us with her pain...she never wanted any pity
    or sorrow...she just wanted a normal life ....she loved to laugh ....we would play card games by the hour..she was very competitive...she loved to win....she was a woooooonderful cook and I was able to cook her recipes when she was in the hospital for my four siblings....and when she was home ...she could take a break and watched carefully that I cooked her dishes exactly as she did. She was famous for her fudge...she made 30# of it during Christmas and made gifts to all the neighbors and friends. She had received a microwave from us for Christmas and watched as I warmed the marshmallow cream in it and was delighted that it came out of the jar so easily. So next time she made it while my little sister helped her (she could not stir the large bowl of fudge which set up very quickly) so she told sis to put the jar into the microwave for 30 seconds....my sis left the metal lid on the jar and thank God it did not hurt anyone...but when sis took the jar out and opened the lid......the MC exploded out of the jar and flew all over the kitchen...even onto the ceiling...we cleaned MC from the kitchen for years.....and we laughed and laughed It never got old...I am grinning now as I remember...I LOVE YOU MAUDIE! God gave me the perfect mother!

  • Lynne Verros - 4 years ago

    I miss her hugs, cause with her hugs, I knew she understood, that she cared, and she loved me.

  • Wanda - 4 years ago

    My Mom still likes to cook a meal for us once in awhile; she says she can't do much else, but we sure do appreciate it! She' s a good sport.

  • Darlene Moorehead - 4 years ago

    My Mom has been such a good role model and inspiration. She is creative and always doing or making something, even at 91! I have an identical twin sister as well as two other sisters. Mom made many of our clothes so we could dress alike, and we liked the clothes she made. We have been blessed to be her children. My own three children are wonderful parents, too. Thank you for the give-aways!

  • Kathy Kendrick - 4 years ago

    My mama has been with Jesus for a little over a year. I love her and miss her but do not wish her back due to her suffering . She loved to cook and entertain people. She always had room at her table for whatever "strays" we brought home with us. She was a very frugal woman who could take a little and make a lot of good food. I will think of her Sunday as we attend worship and will be grateful that she was my mama.

  • Suzanne - 4 years ago

    I miss my mom.

  • Kathy Littlefield - 4 years ago

    I miss my Mom so much - she was always there for me, and I hope I was always there for her, too. I love spending Mother's Day with my two daughters - they are the lights of my life!
    Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!!! Mothers are Love's wings.

  • Jacquelyn W. - 4 years ago

    My mom was a "supermom" before we knew the meaning of that term. She worked full time after my younger brother and I were in school yet never missed a school event, always had time for our "antics" , etc. she would have been 98 this year - she passed away ten years ago. I miss her every day. Love you mom.

  • Lisa F. - 4 years ago

    My mother passed away 7 years ago. She was a good, Christian woman and a great mother. She was my best friend and I miss her so much.

  • Sandra Marshall - 4 years ago

    My Mom has been gone for 26 years. I remember everything about her and she was wonderful. She coul sew beautifully and she was the best cook ever. Always worked hard and always sweet and loving. I miss my best friend very much????

  • clara - 4 years ago

    My mom is the best.. As years pass & I've gotten older, I realize that she truly jas turned into mybest friend!

  • Patricia S - 4 years ago

    I remember my mom who had all the above qualities. I miss her very much.

  • Chrise Taylor - 4 years ago

    Rose Kennedy said it best: "It has been said that 'Time Heals All Wounds". I don't agree, the wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens; But it is never gone."

    Personally, I don't believe you ever get over the loss of your parent

  • Patty - 4 years ago

    I picked other because ALL of the choices fit my mother to a tee. She was a wonderful mother and a great friend.

  • pam hartman - 4 years ago

    My mom was always there to help me with my kids.

  • Judy Freligh - 4 years ago

    My beautiful loving mother took her journey to the Lord's house almost 32 years ago. Feels like yesterday. She's terribly missed and my tears have yet to dry. I hope she looks down on my precious 32yr old daughter with pride & joy. Love you Mama.

  • Jenny B. - 4 years ago

    Momma has the best laugh it warms the heart. She cares for us more than anyone ever will. Momma is the candle in the window that always brings you home. She is my best friend. Only Momma gives the hugs that no others can compare. Thank you God for my Momma. I can only pray that everyone be as bless as we are. Thank you Momma for always being there and most importantly for introducing us to God, amen. I LOVE YOU MOMMA XOXOXOX. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Y'ALL

  • Ann Thariani - 4 years ago

    I wanted to check every box on my favorite thing about my Mom. She's been gone 6 years, and I still think of her every day. She made every person she met feel like she was personally interested in them and she was. She laughed at every thing I said, and always paid attention. She taught me to be grateful and to see the beauty that is in the world. I miss her and hope that I am still making her proud.

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    I love all of these things about my mom and more!

  • Debbie Davis - 4 years ago

    I have always been able to tell my Mom anything good or bad and that means a lot.

  • Michelle Myers - 4 years ago

    I love everything about my mom!! She's done everything for us girls!!

  • Debbie Tucker - 4 years ago

    My mom cares for everybody and tries to fix everything! She is our Matriarch! We love her dearly!

  • Cindee Bailey - 4 years ago

    My mom is a very selfless person. She is always looking out for others. Whether it's with a smile, a meal, a monetary gift, a listening ear, an encouraging word, or praying for people. She is such a Godly example to her children on how a momma loves and cares for her family. She is an inspiration to me, especially now that I'm a momma (with 2 children). She is my best friend!!

  • Tana - 4 years ago

    My mama is always willing to rush in and fix a problem, or sooth a hurt, or give encouragement, or make somebody feel special. She has so many stories to share about herself and my maternal family that bring joy and a sense of legacy and belonging. My kids love it, just as much as I still do. Without doubt, I know that she cares.

  • Janice - 4 years ago


  • cindy s - 4 years ago

    Another option should be "All of the Above". Miss you mom.

  • Anna McKinniss - 4 years ago

    I chose other because it is not just one thing that is my favorite but it is everything about my mom that is my favorite. She is loving caring and her laugh is the best. Her hugs are one of a kind you cant get from anyone else.

  • Linda Poindexter - 4 years ago

    Always had an answer, right or wrong it didn't matter. It got me thinking out of the box anyway.

  • Teresa Scarbrough - 4 years ago

    I will celebrate the memory of my Mom.

  • Chanda Scheuring - 4 years ago

    I swear my momma's hidden talent is the finder of lost thing. I can look and look for something, bug her to look and bingo she finds it. Momma's super power!

  • Lisa Baker - 4 years ago

    My mom passed away a year ago. She was my best friend, confidante, and biggest fan. I miss her sense of humor and most of all her kindness. Happy Mother's Day mom - I love you

  • Lizzie N - 4 years ago

    Not just one of these things but ALL of them. My mom is the whole package! I love her so much and try to be like her. One of the best things Mom has taught me is "kill them with kindness." There have been some pretty difficult people I've had to deal with, but with Mom's great advice most of these people and bad situations have turned into something good. Kindness works wonders. Thanks Mom!

  • Stacy Harrison - 4 years ago

    My mom has been gone nearly 3 years now and I miss her everyday with all of my heart. I have several recipes and decorating ideas that i employ that are direct reminders of her. I just pray that I'm like her when I grow up and can be at least half the mother to my son that she was to me.

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  • Ann Senkbeil - 4 years ago

    My Mom was the rock in our family. She did everything, she was the housewife, Homeroom Mom to each of her three daughters classroom at least once, she worked our 2 acre garden to keep it beautiful and weed-free, and managed to put supper on the table every evening. Home cooked, everything from scratch kind of meals.
    My parents divorced when I was turning 12. Since then she's gone through some changes; a lot of hard times. I hope I can make her day just a little bit brighter by going flea marketing all day, lunch and spending the day together on Sunday, Mother's Day. I can hope.

  • Shawna - 4 years ago

    There was no option to select "Her cooking!"

  • DeeCee - 4 years ago

    I'm sorry to say that my mother possessed none of the above qualities. I hold no grudge because she had some mental/emotional problems and died several years ago. Other older women such as teachers and mothers of friends filled in and I turned out okay. I'm blessed now with a wonderful mother-in-law and I celebrate loving motherhood whenever I see it.

  • Debpr - 4 years ago

    My mom is 88 and still a blessing to others.

  • Matt - 4 years ago

    Does it make me a heel to have answered "other" to all 3 questions?! Love you, Mom!

  • Becky - 4 years ago

    I miss my mama! Eleven years and I still miss her. Guess I always will.

  • Karen Noe - 4 years ago

    My mom is the epitome of a selfless person. She always goes out of her way for others. She is the reason her children know Christ and she dragged us to church in rain, sleet, and snow...no excuses. She is now aging mentally at 79 years old and I see the changes and it's sad. I'll always have the memories of her caring for me, whether it was holding my head while sick or holding my heart through a break-up. She is my rock. My momma. Thank you God for her. ????

  • Rayetta - 4 years ago

    Everything on your list and more. She exhibits unconditional love for my brothers, our families and me! She is one of a kind awesome!

  • Olesa Yoder - 4 years ago

    My Mom was a fantastic seamstress. She was always sewing something for someone and could make anything she set her mind to. She made my wedding dress, most of my clothing as I was growing up, including a leather coat. She worked at a hat factory to support us five children, and took in sewing for extra money. For any clothing she wanted to give us at Christmas, she wanted to give store bought; even though we told her many times we thought the things she sewed were better made. She never thought her skills were as valuable as they were. Even though we didn't always get along, both of us were very opinionated, I loved her very much and miss her.

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