Do you think President Trump did the right thing by firing James Comey?

  • Michael - 3 years ago

    Yes I'm glad he fired Comey. I am sick and tired of the lawlessness that's been going on for a long time. Politicians commit crimes and get away with it. If it were us we'd be in jail. They have to be held to the same standards and held accountable. Hillary and her gang need to be jailed for their treasonous acts.

    And to Cheryl that says Trump is a traitor, cite me an example. And please don't tell me he colluded with Russia, that is fake news.

  • nathan perry - 3 years ago

    Well Cheryl, When or better yet IF they find anything to have an independent investigation the FBI will recommend that. But let me tell you, there's nothing there to investigate. This is nothing more than a witch hunt by the shameless Liberals and corrupt media that's trying their hardest to discredit the President. Hillary should be the one investigated, not Trump. Y'all lost, now move on and quit whining snowflake.

  • rob - 3 years ago

    cheryl you are soo dumb you must be from russa you need a reality chack.

  • trudy - 3 years ago

    yes, now hevshould resign and take his family with him.

  • Cheryl - 3 years ago

    Our president is the most dangerous man in our history. We demand an independent investigation. He is a danger to our very democracy this country was built on. He is a traitor and needs to be impeached. The 700 people in this poll that think this is ok must be from Russia.

  • Donna P. Howard - 3 years ago

    Yes, he was dishonest about about Hillary and didn't do his job the way he should have. We have to quit putting up with dishonest people in our government. I don't like to see anyone fired but they bring it upon themselves by the deeds they do!!!

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