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Posted 2 years.


  • Krista B - 2 years ago

    Chicago Med was 1 of my fav shows!! I was so upset to see it was being cutback to a midseason show! Med, Fire, and PD I've got so addicted to! Dick Wolf knows how to write these showa. PLEASE bring it back to a full season show! The chemistry between the ppl was great. The actors were phenomenal!!! I just wish you would give it another chance. It was a show for me at least, that couldn't wait for next week to come so I could see more! I didn't really click onto Chicago Justice. TBH, the only reason I was watching it was because of John Seda's exit from PD. I'm so glad he's back where he belongs. I do miss Lindsay though.

  • Rona - 2 years ago

    Why bump this show from Fall to midseason? All the Chicago shows are awesome and you've already axed Justice. Don't make us wait on Med. And find a spit to KEEP Jon Seda!!! Best reason to watch!

  • Chrissa Grant - 2 years ago

    Please dont kill off Dr Charles!! I love his character so much!!

  • Nancy H. - 2 years ago

    OMG don't kill off Dr. Charles. Seriously it's bad enough my paroxysmal atrial tachycardia kicked in when that arragont bastard shot him -- my heart can't stand the strain if he dies.

  • Joyce - 2 years ago

    CORRECTION! Please send Jay back to Lindsay on Chicago PD!!

  • Joyce - 2 years ago

    OMG! Please don't kill off Dr. Charles!! Glad to see April with Dr. Choi. Can't get more diverse than that. Please develop a good story line for them. Will and Nat need to be partners in both ways. Send Shatrell back to Lindsay!

  • Debbie T. - 2 years ago

    If Dr. Charles leaves the show, I swear I will quit watching it. He is what makes this medical drama stand out from all the others.

  • Phyllis - 2 years ago

    Love the show. We are anxious to see it every week. Hope Dr. Charles survived the gun shot wound. Love the cast and their interaction with each other.

  • Nancy - 2 years ago

    Please please Please bring back Dr Charles! He's my favorite on that show, and I wish he was My therapist!

  • Sam - 2 years ago

    Please Please please please do NOT k8ll Dr Charles!!!

  • Laura - 2 years ago

    Love dr Charles and all the others please don't kill him off

  • Laura - 2 years ago

    Love dr Charles and all the others please don't kill him off

  • Maria - 2 years ago

    Best show!! Finally, great action in their personal lives. Dr. Choi and April was a pleasant surprise. Good to see Will man up and admit his feelings. Poor Dr Charles. Please bring him back.

  • Stacey Pearson - 2 years ago

    Love the Chicago shows! Please don't kill off Dr. Charles! He's my favorite character on Med!

  • Paula Van Derven - 2 years ago

    I love Dr. Charles. I had an OMG moment. Dont leave us Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt)

  • Rita - 2 years ago

    Dr Choy and April I love it

  • Abby - 2 years ago

    Dr. Charles...are you dead? Anyhow this show is like the best thing ever. I forget that it's tv and get so involved with the characters. I love anything having to do with the Chicago shows and I never want them to end. Amazing casting and scripting but please don't kill of Dr. Charles!

  • Chicago fan - 2 years ago

    The Chicago franchise is the best primetime programming...wonderful writing, acting, and directing...I waited many long years for something as engaging as is hear in spades with all four of these exquisite dramas!!

  • Clara Brickler - 2 years ago

    Best of the Chicago shows,but they are all our favorites. Never miss an episode of any of the four..
    Keep Will and Nan together.

  • Gail - 2 years ago

    Please- get rid of the new doctor. I can't understand a word she says!

  • Tina CLARK - 2 years ago

    Glad to see Will finally admit he has feelings for Natalie. Great to see Dr Charles make up with daughter and illness was physical not Mental!
    Not happy to see Dr Charles get shot! Was a shocking twist, but I would have liked one more episode to see his condition.

  • Senga - 2 years ago

    I didn't even know April and her fiancé broke up. Also didn't know Sarah and the geek had broken up! Don't think we missed any episodes.

  • Rodger Benson - 2 years ago

    Chicago Med is THE BEST show on TV. Superb writing, directing and acting!!!! And I'm 70 years young.

  • Rodger Benson - 2 years ago

    Chicago Med is THE BEST show on TV. Superb writing, directing and acting!!!! And I'm 70 years young.

  • Mona - 2 years ago

    Best show ever! Love seeing Will and Natalie together. Hope they are not taking Dr Charles off the show. That would be a big disappointment!!!

  • Debra - 2 years ago

    Loved it! But seriously, all summer to wonder about Dr Charles!!!! Urg!! The old cliff hangers of JR Ewing are back! Bravo!

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